July 14, 2024

After all, what is the price of WhatsApp? Check app changes

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Nowadays, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications by Brazilians. This is because the app offers a number of features for free to its users. For example, those who use the messaging app can send text or voice messages, send videos or photos, and make audio and video calls, among many other things, for free. In Brazil alone, there are more than 120 million WhatsApp users.

However, many people may doubt whether the application will be paid or not. This suspicion may have come after an announcement from the WhatsApp owner Meta. As a result, some news may have been circulating regarding possible charges for users of the app. See more below.

After all, what is the price of WhatsApp?  Check app changes
Will WhatsApp charge users? / Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Will the payment be made via WhatsApp?

First of all, it is important to note that the issue of WhatsApp for all its users versus using its features is just a rumor. What happens is that Meta’s announcement is regarding the yet to be released version of the WhatsApp Business app.

This new version will target entrepreneurs or those working with the application as a bridge of communication with their customers, either through simultaneous calls or by programming automatic messages that are sent when the customer tries to call. start a conversation.

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What resources?

This application method is still in the development and testing phase. Therefore, it is not yet available for use. In addition, as of now, there is no specific date for the release to be made available to the public. Another issue is that it is not yet known how much will be spent by those who want to use this method.

However, Meta has already anticipated some new features that may be present in WhatsApp Business. In this sense, among them is the possibility to link the same WhatsApp account on up to ten different mobile devices.

Another change will be regarding access to the WhatsApp chat. This can be done through its URL, which can be customized by the company. Thus, making the URL something specific to that trade or organization.

The app remains free

Therefore, it is important to note that the services offered by the messaging app today should remain free for other users, who will continue to use the regular version of the app.

In this way, it is worth remembering that as much as WhatsApp Business targets an entrepreneurial audience, its membership may not be mandatory. With that said, this audience should be able to follow the free version of the app.

However, it is necessary to wait for the new releases of information by Meta to know how this new version of WhatsApp will work, what all the features will be available, how much will be charged and how pro accounts will stick.

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