December 4, 2022
After all, why does the iPhone battery drain faster and faster?

After all, why does the iPhone battery drain faster and faster?

Highlighting complaints since the launch of its first model, Iphone Usually the download is faster. While other brands have invested in technologies capable of solving this quandary, Steve Jobs founded the company with an exclusive mind on design. However, the launches were not without success, but the disappointment of customers reveals a lot of dissatisfaction.

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iOS version 16

The appearance of the new operating system from Apple raised many expectations, but it seems that everything did not go well. New bugs have been discovered recently, which hinder the use of some features and even phone calls. In the social networksSeveral posts expressed some regret in addressing these issues, as they expected a significant improvement in response.

The long-awaited customization

Committed to offering the best products in terms of performance and design, customization capabilities have been the central focus for the developers.

However, until the core apps stop causing errors, the benefits will remain out of focus. However, representatives confirmed the release of patches and took the opportunity to deal with the battery.

Why is the battery short life?

Lovers An apple Know that in relation to competitors, the manufacturer prioritizes processing capacity. However, it is normal for the battery to last less during updates, as apps are modified.

This can last for up to 48 hours, causing slowdowns and some crashes and letting the device rest during this period will speed up the completion of modifications.

Pay attention to functions such as Spotlight, Touch Keyboard, and Photos, as keeping these settings increases battery consumption.

All applications that directly depend on the use of artificial intelligence consume energy. Otherwise, keep unused programs out of the background and do some cleaning to reduce unnecessary redundant files.