December 3, 2023
After all, why is it not worth replacing the old iPhone with the iPhone 14?

After all, why is it not worth replacing the old iPhone with the iPhone 14?

As a leader in the development of smartphones, Apple was able to be recognized all over the world and conquer true fans. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see someone follow all the news to stay updated. From new models to operating system updates, improvements that enhance the usability of devices, especially the iPhone, are announced periodically.

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Reasons You Shouldn’t Get iPhone 14

Experience with iOS

If you have a version less than 5 years old, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the features available in the iOS 16 update. Therefore, it may not be worth buying a practically identical product to the previous one.

Too high prices

Although the brand is known for its high prices, the iPhone 14 retails for 7,599 Brazilian riyals. Those with recent versions like iPhone 12 or 13 can also enjoy the latest gadgets.

5G does not have many benefits

So make contact 5G network, this function will not be very useful, since coverage in many regions of Brazil is not satisfactory. Even if you purchase a chip, the connection will experience instability.

storage problem

Buying an Apple phone just to get more memory space doesn’t make much sense, as the brand’s official store offers iCloud expansion for just R$3.50 for 50GB plans.

For those who appreciate accessories

MagSafe is a mechanism that connects other Apple devices by proximity, such as headphones, computers, and smartwatches. It is present in the released versions of the iPhone 12 and later, and should not be considered a modern function.

Previous cameras still work

One of the strengths of Iphone The camera and changes were significant, with 38% more captured in low-light environments and greater focusing ability. However, as mentioned, previous versions remain effective.

Similar experience

When comparing older iPhones with the latest version, there doesn’t seem to be much difference, especially when it comes to the final experience. The iPhone 14 is equipped with the same processor, and only received an improved chip, the A16 Bionic.

What if the battery is bad?

It is up to the consumer to ask himself about the cost and benefit involved in purchasing a device that exceeds 7 thousand reais, since the cost of the original battery is about 500 reais.

Wait for iPhone 15

Unlike the iPhone 14, which did not even show significant changes in terms of design, the 15th generation promises an expansion of hardware and software.