October 2, 2023
After Beef With Anitta, Melody's Music & Track Are Removed From Air |  Column Fabia Oliveira

After Beef With Anitta, Melody’s Music & Track Are Removed From Air | Column Fabia Oliveira

Anitta and Melody starred in A Chat with those On social media this weekend. But Barb Exchange ended up costing his 15 year old expensive. That’s because the “Dangerous Assault” music video, performed by the MC, was off-air, after fans of the hardcore moved so that Ariana Grande’s team was aware of the Melody-created version.

“Dangerous Assault” is an adaptation of Ariana’s song “Positions”. After the weft between the two, even Charles, the song’s composer, got in the way. After Anitta fans flagged the product, she found out that the version released by Melody is not authorized for use.

Melody’s music has previously been pulled from Apple Music. Now the clip is also no longer available on YouTube.

The The fight between Anita and Melody began on Saturday (16).when Anita responded to the tweet: “Don’t you see Melody? The singer said you guys are talking bad about her, nothing she does is really serious and professional, but she gets a lot of engagement and stays in the market making shit with my boyfriend, fighting alone.” Referring to the Canadian producer Murda Bitez.

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Melody didn’t take offense and said it was Anita who insisted that her name be in her mouth. “And then I’m the one making a fuss with her. Then people say I’m the one who makes the fight…funny! I never talk bad about her and she says my work is unprofessional. Like him? Who’s in the top 1 in Brazil now? She was number one in the world and disappeared.” There was a lot of money invested. My job doesn’t have any financial additions, everything is normal, and if I wasn’t professional, I wouldn’t get to first place, right, my friend,” he said.

Melody then noted that she has three songs that are among the most listened to in Brazilian playlists. “You’ve seen my fight for eight years now, with a lot of great jobs. I released three songs, among them ‘Dangerous Assault’, which reached the top ten on all playlists in the country. Now you come to tell me my work isn’t professional, folks. I’m sorry, but it’s too boring work for me. Now I’m going to send a message: Woman, instead of saying my work isn’t professional and mentioning my name, take my music as an example, make it better than a musician and beat first place,” Provoked.

Anita decided to face Melody’s speech. “I know the authors of the song that reached number one, sister. I don’t think you know them, because the music was by Ariana Grande in this case…but don’t worry, I didn’t show it to them, otherwise…the games are there for us that will run.” News “, provoked the singer.

Then MC Melody said his talent is greater than all of that. “Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? But come on…putting my career into a political fight is a lack of topic. You’re nervous because it’s hard to get to the top, right? Those with a mouth say what they want, but my talent is greater than all.” That. Ugly lady of about 40 is setting a 15-year-old into a political debate to get involved,” he said.

In the sequence, she continued: “Other details: It’s pretty big out there, and there’s time to post on Twitter about topics that don’t have any support for commenting. Your arguments don’t make you serious about commenting on certain types of topics. Anita wants to be the queen of the mind, but come on: She was ridiculed at the beginning of her career; today he thinks he can speak authoritatively on any subject; abroad, they give performances only to Brazilians; it is like that, because at my age I was just a freak,” he said.

The The teenager still continues to install the strong He recalled the controversy with the song Fake Amor. “And the success of the other often upsets those who take a coercive path, right? And if it were so loud, it wouldn’t be talking on Twitter about topics that they have no right to talk about. And last but not least: If the song came out, we already know where it came from. Not to mention About that Anita says she opens doors for young artists, but whenever she can, she’s fooling herself with me, right? The rush your record company did to stop Fake Amor just because Brazil embraced the song more than the original, you don’t count, do you? “At the end of the day, you want to be the right person,” she said.

Melody also mentioned that Anita only talked about managing her online engagement. “Moreover, Anitta always talked about me online (and from afar) because I initially thought it would be nothing more than wrong. Where did I call my dad to talk seriously about promoting me? He only spoke online to interact,” she said, who also concluded :

“Having seen that I can be as great as you, you do everything to diminish my work. But that is the case, sometimes you can shine on your own and fear what can be greater than you when you don’t give up anymore. Humility in this environment is few. Unlike for you Anita, I spend my time making music and bringing in organic numbers, country politics let people decide. Everyone in his field“.