June 4, 2023

After being attacked by netizens for not acting like a Christian, Priscilla Alcantara responds to criticism of her dance video: “Nobody cares”


The caller received a flurry of negative comments for appearing to dance to a Yvette Sangalo song and chose to bash the haters.

Image 1: Reproduction / Instagram Priscilla Alcântara – Image 2: Reproduction / Official Choquei Twitter

Priscilla Alcantara has been in touch with the gospel world since she was very young, in addition to always talking about her references. However, the artist was talked about on social media for appearing in a video dancing to a song by Ivete Sangalo. The presenter appeared, wearing a T-shirt and showing one of her tattoos, as she showed the Gangado, which was not seen by the evangelical community, who decided to express their opinions above the pictures.

In the video, it is possible to see Priscilla performing Yvette’s choreography, which has become one of the best results of the last carnival. Then netizens did not spare their words: “Don’t represent me! Never engage a woman who calls herself a Christian, dress this style and dance like that… Oh my God, the world is lost.”someone said. “She has never been a true Christian, she is a believer in allsaid another.

Play / Instagram Priscilla Alcantara

As the fallout took over the internet, Priscilla decided to speak out about the case and admitted that she didn’t care about the negative comments about the video. “But nobody cares, right,” said the interviewer on Choquei’s profile.

It should be noted that in recent years the artist has changed her style, focusing on her career in pop music. Former SBT classmate Yuri Tamashiro has been known to spout praises, but has chosen new paths.