December 1, 2023
After being left out with a controversial speech, Nayara slams Levert

After being left out with a controversial speech, Nayara slams Levert

a Nonsense includes Thiago Levert and Acaro Silva It only increases. after The actor posted a letter to the presenter, highlighting the difficulties he had to establish himself in his career as a black and gay person, many recalled how Thiago had already taken on Controversial attitude when dealing with racial issues In the past.

number BBB 18, journalist Niara de Dios was eliminated from reality common Totally controversial speech by the presenter. chat with splash, Is he there swipe the Leifert موقف position In the fight with Okaru, but was not surprised by the attitude of the journalist.

We can’t wait long, though, as he learned from Babu. He was already born with earning his life. He didn’t have any problems that an ordinary person in a third world country would encounter. It’s just white doing “whiteness”.

Fireworks from “BBB 18”

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Nayara talks to Thiago Levert after leaving the show

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the speech

In excluding Nayara from ‘BBB 18’, Levert was criticized on social media for his speech, which he considered an attempt Discrediting the struggle for representation. The former sister left the game with 92% of the vote, one of the highest disapproval rates in that version.

This house, specifically, with another “Noya”. You are no longer the way you are. You are now representing something. “Ah, I represent Society X.” So-and-so represents community Y. “I represent anything.” Let me get real. No one here has given you a power of attorney to represent anyone there. Without this representation, it leads to nothing.

James said in his speech to eliminate Nyara

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Babu and Thelma from “BBB 20” comment on the controversy involving Leifert and Icarus

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In recent years, “BBB” has been distinguished by the presence of participants who carry ethnic guiding principles and raise the flag of acting: Babu, Thelma, Lumina and, of course, Nayara. The journalist is happy to see herself as part of the change movement on the programme.

“I am very grateful that I started my acting era at BBB. This is an important factor. After that, they started to understand how to get an audience behind this debate. But I am proud to be part of the beginning of introducing people with this awareness to the BBB category,” notes Niara.

Since the outbreak of the fight with Ícaro, other former “BBB” participants have also criticized Thiago’s stance when criticizing the actor. Thelma, winner of “b b 20“, Sorry that Leifert stopped following her on Instagram, e Babu Santana noted that the two sides have crossed each other in discussion.