July 20, 2024

After collecting March 6th, the persevering rover faces a problem

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After collecting March 6th, the persevering rover faces a problem
After collecting March 6th, the persevering rover faces a problem

2022 Doesn’t look like it’s off to a good start for the rover determinationWhich has been working on the exploration of Mars since February of last year. According to NASA, after acquiring its sixth collection of Mars rocks in late December, the rover is facing a problem: Small grains of sand and rock are clogging its sampling system.

Fortunately, according to the US space agency, the robot had its way. “The rover did what it was designed to – stop the spool procedure and call the team on the ground for instructions,” said Louise Gandora, chief sampling engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. NASA, in the agency’s statement.

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According to Jandura, the sensors started registering resistance much earlier than expected due to the additional debris. “Designers bit carrousel Consider the ability to continue working successfully with the debris, “However, this is the first time we are removing debris and we want to take the time to ensure that these rocks come out in an orderly and orderly manner.”

The sampling system for ambulatory persistence was hampered. Photo: Merlin74 – Shutterstock

the bit carrousel It is a mechanism in the background of the rover sample buffering system, which helps to store the various samples taken. Now, engineers are faced with the difficult task of disassembling the assembly system. This becomes even more difficult with longer latency than usual due to “sun-constrained” i.e. days when Mars and Earth are out of sync making data transmission difficult.

However, the JPL team is confident that the rover will “persistent” — and snooze the pun — and survive indigestion. “This isn’t the first sand that Mars has thrown at us – just the most recent,” Gandora said. “One thing we’ve found is that when the engineering challenge is hundreds of millions of kilometers away (Mars is currently 215 million kilometers from Earth). Tera), it is worth taking your time and being thorough.”

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