September 25, 2022
After disappearing, Trindade reappears to save Irma from a night of terror on Pantanal TV News

After disappearing, Trindade reappears to save Irma from a night of terror on Pantanal TV News

After disappearing without a trace, Trinity Gabriel Satter will appear more mysteriously in wet ground. He will save a life sister (Camila Morgado) and the couple’s son. At the request of the child, the pawn will again appear next to the bed of the Redhead at the time of delivery at the Globo Opera 9 am. No one will see it, but he will be responsible for bringing the small nugget into the world.

Irma would be in danger of death, as she would not have enough constriction to deliver the baby. Donduka will go so far as to say that the son will say that he will not be born without the presence of the Father, who will disappear long before then. The guitarist will come out at midnight and leave no trace on the chapters scheduled to air next Wednesday (24).

When she is about to give up, thinking that she is going to die, the violinist will appear by her ex-girlfriend’s bed and help her with the birth of the heir. “I saw him His call,” the pawn will say, placing his hand on her stomach.

Irma will be tense, but she will not feel the contractions. It would be as if your body had already given up: “I don’t feel it anymore… I don’t feel anything anymore,
Trindade… I… I don’t feel it anymore… Like I’m dead inside… Take me with you… We want to go… Wherever you are,” says the pregnant women.

Trindade will answer that she is not dead and will ask her to let the boy be born: “I I Here Irma… I over here to the end Once and for all with this torment of us.” He places his hands on her stomach with his eyes closed,
concentrated. Irma will be carried away by a semi-hypnotic state.

The child laughs instead of crying

Suddenly you hear the laughter of a child. “Don’t cry,” Mariana will say from the living room. “ara… I’ve never seen such a thing before,” he would be surprised. Asylum (Dera Pais). “How much yarn from cramulion did you see Boy? ‘ will ask Ziva (Paula Barbosa), frightened.

Meanwhile, Trindade will look the little devil in the eye, who will smile again. Irma will want to know why her son isn’t crying: “Hey on one There is no other reason Cry… I cut off the tie that was carrying people’s lives… and I will carry Come back with me,” the shoe’s “companion,” will say, free the boy from any attachment to the bad thing and deliver him into Irma’s arms.

When they get to the room, everyone will be surprised. “How were you born?” asks Philo. “He also told me that he wanted to be born… by his father’s hands. Otherwise, my son wouldn’t be born,” says Irma.

Philo and Mariana will look at each other in confusion. The housewife will ask “More than that.. Where is he?”. When the camera returns to a wide shot, the audience will see that besides the redhead and her son, there will be no one else.

written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa And theadapted by Bruno LuberiThe TV series Pantanal will be on the air until October. Then Globo will appear for the first time TransitGloria Perez plot.

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