July 22, 2024

After forming the wall, Natalya and Scooby clash

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After forming the wall, Natalya and Scooby clash
After forming the wall, Natalya and Scooby clash

After forming the second wall of “BBB 22” (TV Globo), Natalya gated and co-star Pedro Scobe exchanged barbs during an argument in the home’s grunge room. It all started when the cabin brother, who pointed at the sister at the hot seat, decided to wish the detainees good luck.

“If you encourage me, you won’t attract me. Stop pushing like a good guy!” , fired the bar.

“Man, I had to vote for someone,” Scobey replied.

He said the only person I knew would be Jade.

“I had no reason to vote for anyone,” Scobey explained.

“Okay man. But you voted for me, if I wanted to be lucky, you wouldn’t vote. Now don’t wish me good luck,” the participant said in a tone of anger.

“Don’t I wish you good luck then?” asked the surfer. “Don’t you want me to wish you all the best?” he continued.

Natalia sarcastically replied: “Thank you. I really appreciate it. A kiss to you and your good luck.”

After that, the duo began discussing the decision of ex-husband Luana Biovanni, who put the model, for the second time in a row, to the public vote.

Natalia wondered: “Pedro, you had four options and you had to pull me out only because it was the last one?”

The brother said, “I thought of whom I talk the least. Who do I talk the least to?”

“Is that me? Pedro, I always join your circle, always open myself up. I don’t talk to you because you don’t open up. If you ever wanted to review everything, you’d see what I said about you. I got into jokes ‘halfway through’, but it’s very difficult” , said the hanging girl.

Pedro then went on to justify his candidacy for Paredão.

I have to catch the wave of others, but no one wants to ride mine. Old man, I don’t want to know, it’s okay. It’s a game and all is well Natalia

After the explosion, Scooby said he would do everything to make the sister stay on the show. With tears Natalia began to explain that this wall is the most difficult, because she is competing with two other friends.

Arthur, who was watching the debate along with Paulo Andre, decided to suggest to the participants that she and Giseilan’s fans could unite to eliminate Rodrygo. “You have more chances because of that,” he said.

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