January 28, 2023

After Globo Repórter withdrew Gloria Maria, she was hospitalized for treatment

Posted on 01/06/2023 10:35

(Credit: Play/Instagram)

Journalist Gloria Maria was taken to the hospital on Wednesday (1/4) to follow up on health treatment.

According to Globo’s press office, Gloria Maria should leave hospital on Friday (6/1). However, he was not told which hospital the journalist was being hospitalized in, nor what treatment was being carried out.

In 2019, Gloria Maria had a brain tumor removed, and in 2022 she had to have a drainage tube placed in her lung due to a COVID-19 supplement.

Globo reported in December 2022 that the treatment had been planned for a few months and that the Globo Reporter would resume activities on the station this year. “She’s fine at home,” he said at the time.

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