September 24, 2022
Imagem de: Após leak de GTA 6, suposto hacker quer negociar código fonte de GTA 5

After GTA 6 leaked, alleged hacker wants to trade GTA 5 source code

distance massive leak in GTA 6 Showing several early build videos, and even showing the female champ in action, insider Tom Henderson brought more news about the event.

The alleged intruder who may or may not be the real one Teapotappears in a Telegram chat claiming to own the source code and origins From GTA 5 it says “Do not accept offers with less than 5 numbers”, and when asked about GTA 6He replies that it is not for sale.

Someone pretending to be an employee rock star Also talk to the individual, confirm that he is telling the truth and that if there is any doubt “ask the IT team to check the records”.

Big problem for Rockstar

Jason Schreyer, a Bloomberg reporter and another important figure in the gaming industry, spoke about the amount of leaks (mainly from GTA 6) will affect Rockstar.

“There are many reasons why this is a nightmare for Rockstar. One is that it will get in the way of business for a while. The other is that it may lead to management restricting the flexibility of working from home. The implications of this leak may be unclear for a long time,” he says. Jason.