May 31, 2023
After his return, Guilherme falls in love with his mother's coup · TV News

After his return, Guilherme falls in love with his mother’s coup · TV News

William (Mateus Solano) will finally regain his purpose in life, but he will be dealt a huge blow The more life, the better!. After being able to go back to surgery and resume marriage with her Flavia (Valentina Herzag), the doctor is going to take a beating from his mother, Selena (Anna Lucia Tori), It will be banned On Globo at seven in the morning.

In the The chapter scheduled to air next Monday (25).a The exchange of bodies between supporters will be undone, and the “intergalactic doctor” decides to change the course of his life. He will announce to the family that Flavia is pregnant and will give up selling his clinic.

He will also resume his passion and perform surgeries again, which will make him feel good. However, who will not be happy at all with the situation will be Selena, who will be horrified by the pregnancy of her new daughter-in-law and the fact that she and her son are actually getting married.

A bitch will make her husband, Daniel (Tatu Gabus Mendes) president, that the best way to go is to prevent the surgeon, i.e. prevent him from controlling his assets and any control over his life.

At first, the lawyer will see the idea as strange, but he will start to change his mind when the son starts saying some strange things.

When Guilherme reveals to his father about the meeting he had with him death (A Maia), then there will be no way out: Selena’s husband will support the woman’s idea, and the two will file a ban against their son.

The more life, the better! It’s a TV series Written by Mauro Wilson It is scheduled to launch at the end of May, when it will open space for the premiere of the soap opera. face and courageWritten by Claudia Soto.

The new plot of the 19h track will approach the world of acrobatic businessmen and It will star Paola Oliveira, Marcelo Cerrado and Tess Araujo.

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