September 29, 2023
After low demand, Unimed São Carlos shuts down two Covid ICUs, but warns of a Delta variant

After low demand, Unimed São Carlos shuts down two Covid ICUs, but warns of a Delta variant

After low demand, Unimed São Carlos shuts down two Covid ICUs, but warns of a Delta variant - Credit: reproduc Credit: Reproduction

There were 519 daily fights, overcrowding, and mourning for the deaths. However, once the storm was over, calm settled. Thus, Unimed São Carlos Vice President, Ivan Linjardi filmed a 5m49 video and posted it on the Medical Collaborative Facebook page to celebrate “Milestone 0”.

“We are pleased that since August 24, no patients have been admitted to the ward due to Covid-19. There have been 519 days of treatment in the hospital,” Linjardi said. But he cautioned that the fight against the epidemic is not over yet. There is a delta variable circulating in the community and for this The reason it is necessary to strengthen security protocols.

Lingardi, who specializes in urology, said the “Milestone 0” in admissions was an achievement for a team of professionals working on the front lines in the fight against the novel coronavirus and everyone involved. He pointed out that “this is also due to the reversal of mass vaccination that affects hospitalization,” noting that in this period, UNAMID São Carlos reached more than 1.4 cases of discharge due to infection. “I would like to thank all the professionals who have been through hard times,” he commented, noting that São Carlos had reached 90% of the population who had taken the first dose of the vaccine. But we have to direct people to advance to the second dose. Please everyone attend and get vaccinated. This way they will be protected from the new variable. And that life can return to normal. He confirmed that this has not happened yet.

closed facilities

Linjardi noted in the video that Unimed São Carlos closed its two intensive care units in August and that they were destined for treatment against Covid-19, due to low demand. On the other hand, he also mentioned that the cooperative is ready for a possible new wave.

The urologist warned that the delta variant is progressing in the country and that 43% of cases in the city of São Paulo today are due to this boom. He also noted that in Rio de Janeiro, 96% of intensive care beds were filled due to the surrogate. “There are expectations that if it is not fought, the SARS-CoV-2 boom will hit the interior of São Paulo heavily at the beginning of October,” he stressed.

For this reason, despite the results and the few confirmed cases today, Lingardi stressed that the epidemic is not over yet. “That is why we must maintain distance, avoid clumps, and continue to use masks and sterilize with alcohol gel,” he concluded.

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