July 23, 2024

After missing a penalty, Hulk takes responsibility for Atletico MG’s draw: “Guilty is me” | Athlete – mg

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After missing a penalty, Hulk takes responsibility for Atletico MG's draw: "Guilty is me" |  Athlete - mg
After missing a penalty, Hulk takes responsibility for Atletico MG's draw: "Guilty is me" |  Athlete - mg

Atlético MG could have beaten Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque, this Tuesday, in the semi-finals of the Libertadores. That was because the best chance was under the feet of the hulk attacker. The player had a penalty kick to hit and miss. Gallo and Palmeiras tied without goals. Hulk takes responsibility for the outcome.

“Only those who hit, we are professionals, we take responsibility, I take responsibility for not winning today, but remember it’s the first game, we have the second game at home, in front of our fans. Very strong with our fans, we enjoyed playing a great game and making better use of the chances” . (Hulk, in an interview with TV Conmebol)

Hulk loses a penalty at Palmeiras against Atlético MG – Photo: Staff Images / Conmebol

The error caused dissatisfaction with the attacker. When replacing him, he made no secret of his dissatisfaction with himself. At the press conference, after the match, he made a point:

– Before I begin to answer the questions, I want to advance before anyone finds reason to stir up controversy over the fact that I left annoyed. I left myself for wasting the opportunity to help my team get out of here to win. Unfortunately, I ended up losing.

In addition to the score, striker Hulk also commented on his performance by playing away from home. From the player’s point of view, Atletico knew how to behave as a visitor even in the face of difficulties, like the artificial turf at Allianz Parque.

– We are happy to present football. We showed that we came to play, although we know how difficult it is to play against Palmeiras here, on the pitch they are used to, which is artificial turf. For us, it’s a new situation. The player said our team came with maturity and personality that could have left here with victory.

“The main culprit is me, who lost the penalty. People who work every day know that no one is perfect, it happened, I ended up missing the penalty. Now it’s time to focus”

The next match in the Copa Libertadores semi-final will be next Tuesday, this time in Mineirao. The game may have the presence of the audience in the stadium, who has already sold the available tickets.

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