July 14, 2024

After Pelosi’s visit, US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan amid tensions with China | Globalism

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After Pelosi's visit, US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan amid tensions with China |  Globalism
After Pelosi's visit, US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan amid tensions with China |  Globalism

A delegation of parliamentarians from United State arrived in Taiwan This Sunday (14) for a two-day visit that includes a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen.

This is the second high-ranking group to travel to the island amid escalating military tensions with neighboring giants, China.

Taiwan Foreign Ministry Director-General Douglas Yu Tian Hsu (center) with US lawmakers Luenthal, Jaramindi, Bayer and Radwagen at Taipei Airport. Photo: Reuters

The American Institute in Taiwan said the five-member delegation, headed by Democratic Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, will meet with Taiwan leaders to discuss US relations with the island, regional security, trade and investment and other issues.

China, which claims the territory of Taiwan, Military exercises were conducted all over the island To express their anger over the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei this month, The focus of one of the biggest recent crises between the United States and the Asian country.

Last Saturday (13), the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry expressed its “sincere gratitude” For the United States to take “concrete measures” to maintain security and peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Director-General of Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry Hsu received US legislator John Garamendi at Taipei Songshan Airport. Photo: Reuters

The delegation also includes Republican Rep. Omoa Amata Coleman Radiowagen of American Samoa, as well as Democrats John Garamendi, Alan Lowenthal of California and Dawn Baer of Virginia.

Taiwan’s presidential office said the group will meet with Tsai on Monday morning.

“Especially at a time when China is escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait and the region through military exercises, Markey, who is leading a delegation to visit Taiwan, once again demonstrates the US Congress’ strong support for Taiwan,” the statement said.

(video: Understand the importance of Taiwan.)

Understand the importance of Taiwan

Understand the importance of Taiwan

Senator Ed Markey’s office also said lawmakers would reaffirm US support for Taiwan and that the group would meet “with elected leaders and members of the private sector to discuss common interests, including reducing tensions in the Taiwan Strait and expanding economic cooperation, including investments in semiconductors.” .

What is the importance of the island to world powers?

Taiwan is an island of 23 million people located 130 kilometers off the coast of China.

For the Asian giant, it is a Rebel Province which remain part of its territory. For the Taiwanese government, The island is an independent countryAnd the It is governed by its own constitution.

The Chinese even said they intended to retake the area, even by force if necessary.

But over the past few decades, both sides have “discontinued” their reasons: Beijing did not attempt to conquer the island, nor did Taipei go ahead with its plans for independence.

This position coincided with the coming to power of Democrat Joe Biden in the United States, who constantly spoke out in favor of Taiwan independence, a topic barely touched upon by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

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