December 5, 2022
After pressuring British PM to leave government, Musharraf calls internal elections |  Globalism

After pressuring British PM to leave government, Musharraf calls internal elections | Globalism

Under strong pressure from her party to resign, the British Prime Minister, Les TrussThursday (20) summoned the head of his party’s committee charged with calling for new internal elections.

If Truss resigns, the Conservative Party, which is in charge of the country, can choose a new leader. Through an internal election, Truss replaced former Prime Minister Boris Johnson on September 5.

This morning, Prime Minister Graham Brady, director of the 1922 Committee, summoned the Conservative Party group responsible for the party’s internal elections. In parliamentary systems, the party that wins the general election nominates the country’s prime minister.

Even recently in power, Liz Truss was already under strong pressure to resign over a controversial economic plan that revolutionized the market and within her party.

The plan called for a broad and severe tax cut in the country and, in parallel, a $1 billion loan to cover the gap in public accounts. The proposal was very poorly accepted within his government and by the market, at the time when UK inflation exceeds 10% – highest level in 40 years.

Earlier, the UK government denied that Truss would leave the government before the plan’s October 31 implementation date, and the Prime Minister’s spokesperson confirmed it would fulfill her mandate.

But over the course of the week, the queue of parliamentarians and members of the same Truss party calling for the current leader’s departure has grown. According to the British press, half of the members of the Conservative Party, which is the acronym the Prime Minister deals with, are in favor of resigning.

Last week, the new leader lost two ministers: the finance minister, who is responsible for the controversial plan, and Is Interior Suella Braverman that resigned Wednesday (19)..

The departure of Braverman, considered the most hawkish in the Truss government, hastened and deepened the crisis. And the new Finance Minister decided to completely restore the economic plan.

“The prime minister has lost control of the government and the confidence of conservative lawmakers. For the good of the country, she needs to step down,” said Representative Steve Doble of Truss’ own party.

Queen Elizabeth appointed Liz Truss as Prime Minister

The entry of Liz Truss into government also happened in a turbulent manner. Truss replaced Boris Johnson, who resigned after a series of scandals related to his participation in private parties during the UK’s lockdown and allegations of sexual abuse by two high-ranking positions in his government.

After a disputed internal election, the Conservative Party elected Truss to replace Johnson.

Only three days later, Queen Elizabeth II He died, and the United Kingdom entered a long period of mourning and farewell ceremonies that delayed the start of the Truss government.