December 5, 2023
After Rafael Ilha, Thiago Salvatico Says Gogo Will 'Never Ascend' to Reform |  Fabia Oliveira

After Rafael Ilha, Thiago Salvatico Says Gogo Will ‘Never Ascend’ to Reform | Fabia Oliveira

jojo and thiago salvatico
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jojo and thiago salvatico

The controversial interview with Raphael is a god
Doubts the news of the fall that led to death Jojo Liberato
, made Thiago Salvatico appear out of nowhere and add more firewood to the picture.

On Monday (6), the chef voiced the controversy in a comment posted by Hugo Gloss on the topic: “Gugu will never step up to fix the air conditioner.” Thiago claims to have been a friend of the recorder for eight years.

In an interview with Rogério Vilela’s Inteligência Ltda podcast, Rafael Ilha spoke about the life, career and death of Gogo Liberato, the former boss at the time of the Polegar group, in November 2019. To the hero of ‘A Fazenda 10’, the explanation is that he could have gone into the roof of the house to make some repairs on the The conditioning is incorrect.

“I was recording Troca de Família for the record and I didn’t believe it, in fact, I still can’t even today. I was washing the dishes at the time and I heard William Bonner speak,” said the artist I began, emphasizing the sequence: “I know what really happened, and I didn’t It wasn’t. I hope one day people will have a chance to find out. When will Gogo come in and say, ‘Shall I change this lamp?’ He never did that. Gogo doesn’t know how to change the lamp. It didn’t. I know what happened.”