December 6, 2023
After replenishing the Maracanã for Fluminense and Flamengo, Vasco studies metrics

After replenishing the Maracanã for Fluminense and Flamengo, Vasco studies metrics

Fluminense and Flamengo have been given permission to use the Maracana for another six months (Photo: Leonardo Brasil – FFC)

After, after The Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro renews for another six months the permission to use the Maracanã with Fluminense and FlamengoManagement Board Basque🇧🇷 According to the news on the UoThere, I was surprised by the feeling of rebellion. The competitor has shown interest in participating in the management of public bodies and is now evaluating new steps.

Conditions for extending the bond with the Fla- binaryflu They are being questioned internally. Sao Januaro FC is waiting for an official position from the state government to put itself in position. Some people associated with Vasco have rated the contract extension “ridiculous”.

In Vasco, there is a question about changing the scenario, since Fluminense FlamingoEven then, there was no competition from other interested parties and the scenario changed with Cruz-Maltino entering the race in partnership with WTorre and Legends. It is also claimed that the Brazilian football calendar is closed for the season, which will not cause damage to the clubs involved. They also understand the fact that they have been denied a use Maracanã In a second division match (a situation that ended in court) was a breach of contract by the licensees.

Soon, the new tender for the stadium will be launched. It hasn’t happened yet because it was cut short due to a request from the State Court of Auditors (TCE). Fluminense and Flamengo will compete as partners. Tricolor, already with Certificates of Debt Clearance (CNDs) will not enter as an intervenor.