December 1, 2023
After "selling" his name, Faustão faces the risk of a millionaire war with Globo Notícias da TV

After “selling” his name, Faustão faces the risk of a millionaire war with Globo Notícias da TV

Globo employee for 32 years, Fausto Silva will no longer have a contract with the audience leader at the end of this month. However, his relationship with the broadcaster will not end in 2022. While he has provided services to the company, Grant Faustão the registration of various brands in his name, something that could send millions to war during a new era in the band.

Until May 2031, the Domingão do Faustão brand belongs to Globo, which means that the presenter will not be able to use his name associated with a day of the week to name an attraction that he will manage. For example, it would not be possible to create “Sabadão do Faustão” or “Friday with Faustão”.

If that happens, Globo will have the right to challenge the use and launch a long and costly court battle with the caller. In addition, the station also has registration with Inpi (National Institute of Industrial Property) for other employees with the Fausto Silva seal.

See below the list of Faustão brands that have the title of Audience Leader:

  • Faustão dumps (until February 2023)
  • Faustau crew (until December 2023)
  • Faustau plane (until February 2024)
  • Pizza de Faustau (until February 2029)
  • Circo de Faustau (until December 2029)
  • Faustau truck (until July 2030)
  • Group dance in Faustau (until July 2030)
  • Faustão selection (until September 2030)

Since all of these records are related to the presenter, Faustão had to tell Inpi that he had granted use. Since he was under contract with the broadcaster at the time the orders were issued, permission was naturally granted by the previous owner of Dominga.

According to the Industrial Property Act, “The following shall not be registered as trademarks: a well-known pseudonym, pseudonym, individual or collective artistic name, except with the consent of the owner, heirs or successors.”

The Faustão name and the Faustão Relógios brand belong to the Fausto Silva Company. Without the presenter on the designated team, Globo won’t explore any of these records for the next few years, but could use them to try and cause problems for the band.

Globo x Faustão

The brand war shows itself in the field of hypotheses, where it is not possible to know what the relationship between the audience leader and her former employee will be from January onwards, when he will debut as the leader of Faustão na Band, a daily newspaper and the program broadcasts in prime time, 8:30 evening.

In recent weeks, The presenter was the subject of Isto a Globo Mostra, in the Calderao with Marcos Millon, and Reappeared on Domingão during VT Luciano Hack used it to honor Marilia Mendonca (1995-2021).

Faustão was banned from saying goodbye to the crowd in June, when he was removed from the show he had run for 32 years. The announcer and Globo had reported in January that it would be on the air until the end of this year, but the audience leader didn’t like it. He announced that he will debut in the group in January for 2022 and chose to lift it off the air before the agreement.