February 1, 2023

After spending New Year’s Eve with Neymar’s mother, Thiago Ramos says he is single

After passing the file New Year’s Eve at his ex-girlfriend Nadine Gonsalves’ houseNeymar’s mother, raising suspicions of a rapprochement, Thiago Ramos He said Monday night (01/02) that he is single.

On Twitter, A Fazenda’s 14th edition pawn debunked rumors that he was going to resume his relationship with Nadine and announced that he was celibate.

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“People hate me so much they can’t accept what I am. If I don’t have a name for you, I’m glad TIAGO RAMOS, with many mistakes and many successes. Go try to make love and be happy, leave your Jubilee at rest.” and another, one ep$to. Goodbye envy, ”the model wrote on the social network.

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