July 25, 2024

after st. Bath, Canouan Island is the new home of the great billionaires

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The Caribbean islands are very popular with tourists, but some places are very expensive. Luxurious environments that blend modern architecture and nature attract billionaires from all over the world. Empty streets, despite the variety of shops, shows the peculiarity of Kanwan.

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Yachts and properties gain prominence and reveal the arrival of the powerful who insist on flaunting their profits. This luxury contrasts with the friendly locals, fishermen and farmers who live by their bum on the island. The flight passes through places like Barbados and most depart from Miami.

What are the top attractions of Canouan Island that billionaires love?

Although it is a remote area, like other parts of the Caribbean, many institutions have been built.

The luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel has opened its doors to welcome visitors. By combining technology, lights and equipment associated with artificial intelligence, it offers an outstanding service.

Activities such as golf, guided tours, and private parties organized by major hotels add to the experience. It is not easy to satisfy this select audience, due to the level of demand, but Canouan seems to have been a huge success, in addition to being very expensive.

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