May 31, 2023
After the fall of Netflix, HBO has reached 76 million subscribers worldwide

After the fall of Netflix, HBO has reached 76 million subscribers worldwide

HBO / HBO Max combo count reaches 76.8 million of subscribers worldwide in March 2022, 3 million more than the result achieved in the last quarter of last year. The increase becomes more important when taking into account Fall on Netflix earlier this year, losing 200,000 subscribers in three months after that Stop working in Russia.

The result is the latter for HBO under AT&T, which recently agreed to sell WarnerMedia to Discovery and led to a merger of its companies, creating Warner Bros. Discovery.

Compared to the first quarter of 2021, HBO gained 12 million new subscribers within a year. As a result, Premium Service has achieved the target set by the previous parent company, which was aiming to have between 70 and 73 million customers by the beginning of 2020.

Also, according to AT&T, WarnerMedia generated $8.7 billion in revenue (40.1 billion R$) this quarter, up 2.5% from the previous year. This number was driven by higher subscription revenue and more original content, which was partially offset by lower ad sales.

In the US, revenue from subscriptions of $4 (R$18.48) was up 4.4% and was primarily reflected in the growth of HBO Max in the country. In all, the platform has 48.6 million subscribers in the North American Territory – 4.4 million more than the number of subscribers registered in the same period in 2021.

The competition sees the decline in Netflix subscribers with prying eyes. Dominant in the market since the start of the so-called streaming war, the platform ended the quarter far from the target of earning 2.5 million between January and March. This is the first time the leader has recorded a decrease in the number of customers since October 2011.

For the second quarter of 2022, Netflix expects to lose two million users. For the platform led by Reed Hastings, the decline was also affected by the emergence of new streaming services, Password sharing and logistical factors (eg Internet costs at home).