October 1, 2022
After the hut, Kandoka hits the hammer and leaves Tertolino at Mar do Sertão TV News

After the hut, Kandoka hits the hammer and leaves Tertolino at Mar do Sertão TV News

Regarding the ten years he lived with her short talk (Renato Joyce), Kandoka tried to postpone the breakup in sirtau sea. but around Paulino costume/ Jose Mendes (Sergio Guise) shook her life so much that she never let it go unnoticed. Especially after the two suitors staged a huge brawl for the whole city to see. They’ll trade offenses at a Globo party at 6 PM.

By the way, the girl will not agree to the celebration from the very beginning. She would have commented several times to Lorena (Mariana Senna) that she had no intention of doing anything to celebrate her wedding anniversary with Colonel Zinho. However, the friend would not hesitate to throw a surprise party with him Diodora (Deborah Bloch).

Isadora Cruz’s character will be furious, but she will try to maintain her status in the scenes that will air next Friday (23). However, the doctor will insist that Labiba (Teresa Fonseca) conveys a message to the priest’s niece: She is not happy with the story, Gossip will suffer reprisals for it.

The party atmosphere isn’t those things anymore, but it’s only going to get worse when Jose Mendes shows up there. in a few seconds, He and the opponent will start exchanging barbs. All this under the watchful camera of Sera (Suzie Lopez) who will be broadcasting the wedding live.

It will be the last straw for the previous teacher. As soon as she leaves the party, she will make an announcement that has already terrified her husband: she wants a divorce. Preferably as soon as possible.

Tertulinho will cry pitangas after kick

Chapter summaries

secondly, 9/19 (Chapter 25)
Manduka questions the absence of Jose. Tertolino comments on Diodora that he thinks Kanduca wants to break up. Merinho finds Adamastor and realizes that the man has lost his sight. Laura instructs Xaviera to purchase a portion of Colonel Tertúlio’s land on behalf of the company.

Kato warns Colonel of the infestation of pests on his farm. Marwan advises Jose on Manduca. Deodora asks Lorena to organize Tertulinho and Candoca’s wedding.

Tuesday, 9/20 (Chapter 26)
Mirinho gives up on killing Adamstor. Teresa is suspicious of the ring owned by Tempo. Jose asks Kandoka for help in getting close to Manduka. Kanduca tells Lorena that he doesn’t want a party on his wedding anniversary with Tertolino. Vespertino deceives Teresa and buys a nice ring. Marwan accuses Tempo of the ring. Tempo and Rosenha suspect the origin of Mourinho’s money.

fourth, 9/21 (Chapter 27)
Lorena persuades Lappé to help organize the wedding of Kanduca and Tertolino. Timbó is intrigued by Xaviera, who disguises himself in front of Vanclei. Labiba refuses to participate in organizing the wedding. Timbó notices epidemic outbreaks on the colonel’s land, and Xaviera is disappointed by the failure of her purchase. Kanduca reveals to Lorena that he wants to break up with Tertolino. Jose asks to speak to Kandoka.

V 9/22 (Chapter 28)
Kanduca argues with Jose, and Tertolino is satisfied. Thomas sympathizes with Rosania’s frustration with her dream of studying. Marwan explains to Thomas how he will help Rosinia study. Tempo scolds the approach between Thomas and Rosenha.

Diodora agrees to Lorena’s organization of the party. Tertolino buys a nice Di Vespertino ring. Merinho is interested in Laura, and Sera makes fun of his friend. Kandoka is surprised by his surprise wedding to Tertolino.

Friday, 9/23 (Chapter 29)
Nevalda realizes that Kanduca did not like Tertolino’s surprise. Sabá Bodó is following Cira’s broadcast live from the party. Labiba warns Lorena of Kandoka’s anger at her. Kandoka confronts Deodora. Savinio flirts with Bibi and gets upset with Marwan.

Diodora does not approve of the Tempo family’s presence in her home. Sabbat hatches a plan with Floro Borromeo. Labiba is surprised when Laura and Teresa meet Marwan. Jose arrives at Kanduca and Tertolino’s party.

Saturday, 9/24 (Chapter 30)
Tertolino revolted with the arrival of Jose. Marwan asks Laura to keep her true identity secret. Seera celebrates the success of her vlog. Vankle threatens Xaviera and Timbó notices. Jose and Tertolino confront each other, and Kanduca gets angry at both. Thomas explains to Teresa how Rosenha can study. Floro relays information to Saba directly from the party. Kandoka asks for divorce.

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