June 27, 2022

After the post was interpreted as anti-gay, Maurício Souza was removed by Minas Clube

This Tuesday (27), Minas Klopp sent off volleyball player Mauricio Sousa. The decision came after the appearance of the club’s main sponsors, who rejected the center’s position in criticizing DC Comics’ public announcement of Superman’s ambivalence.

The athlete’s publication, which was released last week, caused significant negative repercussions among the masses. Initially, Minas Club announced that it would deal with the matter internally, stressing that it would not accept “homophobia, racist manifestations, or any appearance that violates the law.”

However, a meeting between the club and advertisers on Tuesday outlined the player’s exclusion, as well as a fine and the need for an immediate public retraction. The decision was also published in an official statement on social media.

“People, after speaking to my family, teammates and the club’s board of directors, I have given a lot of thought to the latest posts I made to my profile. The player wrote, in retraction.

The text was posted on Twitter by Maurício Souza, who at the time had less than 100 followers. The initial post, with the content interpreted as homophobic, was on the athletes’ Instagram page, with 249,000 followers.