March 26, 2023

After the review, another 2.7 million workers will be able to receive PIS / Pasep – News

Another 2.7 million workers will be able to get access Salary Bonus PIS / Pasep, relating to the 2021 base year, for which payment commenced on February 15. Dataprev, a government data company, has started a new process that will allow more people to pay. The results will be available from the 5th of April.

They are entitled to benefit 22.9 million workers with a total of R$22 billion. The amount of the allowance varies from R$ 108.50 to R$ 1302, depending on the number of months worked in 2021. The amount is released according to the month of birth. The first to receive workers born in January and February (See calendar below)

requested review Ministry of Labor and Employmentmay benefit workers affected by data discrepancies, such as, for example, more than one PIS/Pasep entry declared by employers or discrepancies identified by the Federal Revenue Service.

“These barriers occur when correlation information arrives from different sources and with disparate data. Then the system, by default, identifies a correlation between these data and indicates the difference in the analysis, since this directly affects the recognition of the right or the amount that the worker will receive, ”she explains. Ministry in a note.

Since last year, in addition to the data from Rais (annual list of social information) sent by companies, electronic social data has also been used to award salary bonuses.

The change allows for the identification of discrepancies in federal revenue, which will be analyzed from the new processing, without the need for data correction by the employer or workers.

The new treatment phase has already started and the consultation of the new results will be available from the 5th of April. Payments will take place between April and July, according to the PIS/Pasep 2023 calendar (see below).

Workers who, in February or March, are affected by reprocessing will receive the allowance available from April 17.

The appeal can be submitted by the worker from the 5th of April in the service channels of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, in the units of the regional labor departments or by e-mail: [email protected] (replacing the uf numbers with the abbreviation of the worker’s domicile status).

Who has the right

Employees who meet the following qualification criteria are entitled to a salary bonus:

• Be registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years, from the date of the first bond;

• Having received from employers who contribute to PIS (Social Integration Programme) or Pasep (Public Servants Assets Formation Programme), up to two average monthly minimum wages in the period of employment;

• you performed a paid activity for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year for which it is being computed;

• Get your data for 2021 correctly notified by your employer in Rais (annual list of social information) or in eSocial.


Payment of the 2021 Base Year/PIS Salary Bonus to eligible workers in First Processing began February 15, for birthdays in January and February, and will continue through July. 3,471,750 workers will benefit, of whom 253,575 will receive through Banco do Brasil and 3,218,175 through Caixa Econômica, amounting to R$3,452,029,010.

By the end of the calendar, allowances will be available to 22.9 million workers. Of these, 20.4 million are due for PIS, paid by Caixa, and another 2.5 million are due for Pasep, paid by Banco do Brasil, for a total of R$22 billion.

The salary bonus ranges from R$108.50 to R$1302.00 according to the number of months worked during the 2021 base year.

Caixa salary allowance is mainly paid by Caixa account deposit, when the worker has a checking account, savings account or digital account; By credit through the Caixa Tem application, in a digital social savings account, automatically opened by the bank, in addition to branches and lottery shops.

At Banco do Brasil, payment by Pasep is mainly made as a bank account balance; Transfer via TED or in person at service agencies.

How to query

The query can also be made through the digital labor card application or through the service platform on the portal. In order to access the Salary Allowance information in the Digital Employment Card, the worker will need to update the application and then access the Benefits and Salary Allowance tabs to check the value, day and receiving bank.

Additional information can be requested in the service channels of the Ministry of Labor and Employment and the regional labor control units, by phone 158 or by e-mail [email protected] (replace the numbers uf with the abbreviation of the worker’s country of residence).

PIS/Pasep 2023 calendar