March 24, 2023
Embora tenha surgido no início dos anos 2000, o termo voltou com força neste ano

After transgender, bisexual, and transgender, here comes Sapiens

The cook A beautiful generation, who works on the transition team for the elected president, Lula (Labor Party), has declared himself “sexually sane”. This is an individual who is sexually or romantically attracted to someone who is educated or intelligent.

In this sense, “good conversation” and the exchange of knowledge serve as the main, if not the only, agent responsible for creating the relationship of the “Sapiens” individual. The term comes from Latin Toad It means “wise.”

Bella said in an interview with the podcast A thousand and one tricks, which aired on Monday the 14th. What am I going to put silicone for, understand? Let me read a book, because it will do so much more.”

Although it appeared in the early 2000s, the term “sapiosexual” is making a strong comeback this year, especially with the popularization of relationship apps. One Application A dating site called Sapio launched recently, and promises to be “the only site that gets to people’s bottoms with their lived experiences, honest opinions, and unabashed passion.”

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