December 1, 2023
After traveling 110 km, Mion suffers from physical exhaustion and goes to the gym

After traveling 110 km, Mion suffers from physical exhaustion and goes to the gym

Marcus Munj Pilgrimage 110 kilometers from Minas Gerais to Aparecida, in the interior of São Paulo, to fulfill a promise Hired by Globo. This Friday (24), boiler provider He said he was not able to walk properly due to physical fatigue, but he went to the gym.

“It’s the day after my arrival, I slept, I’m wrecked. My legs are so bad I can’t walk without being lame yet, I can’t. It’s a lot of wear and tear on my legs. And what did you come for?” he asked, then offered your personal trainer. “I’ll take care of the tops, what’s ruined are the bottoms,” he joked.

According to Myon, his wife Susanna Jolo tried to stop him from following his training routine. “[Ela disse:] He said to him, “He can’t walk, and he stays here moaning, and he had to wash his feet.”

The famous man made an agreement with Nossa Senhora Aparecida that if he was hired by the Marinho radio station, he would walk from Minas Gerais to the city of Aparecida. On vacation from Caldeirão recording, he justified his disappearance on social media with pictures of his walk.

“How many times have I talked to her thinking that maybe it wasn’t the case for me, I was disappointed when I hit the crossbar again… but I never lost faith that Jesus Christ and Our Lady were keeping the timely fulfillment of my greatest wish. And let’s agree? All that Happening couldn’t be better! Mom took care of him, blessed him, she endured the operation… It Happened!!”, he stated in an excerpt from the text.

Check out the moments of the pilgrimage from Mion to Aparecida below: