October 1, 2022
After Virginia lost count, here's what leads to TikTok being banned

After Virginia lost count, here’s what leads to TikTok being banned

after the denial, Virginia Fonseca She regained her profile with more than 31 million followers on Tik Tok. The reason given by the platform for deleting the influencer’s account was “multiple violations of our Community Guidelines”. But what are these guidelines? LeoDias’ column is gone after its discovery and now tells you.

The social network lists 12 guidelines regarding community-specific content on its official website: safety of minors, dangerous acts and challenges, nudity and adult sexual activities, bullying and harassment, hateful behavior, violent extremism, integrity and authenticity, and illegal activities. Regulated goods, violent content, graphics, copyright and trademark infringement, and platform security.


In each of these guidelines, there are rules for what can and cannot be done within the platform. A user can be penalized if they infringe copyright if they post, upload, live stream or share content they don’t own the copyright to, for example.

Content on the social network is moderated by inspections of the platform itself. If any violation of the site’s guidelines is identified, the video may be removed, giving the creator the opportunity to appeal the decision, which can be overturned. In the event of a recurrence, the platform can ban the profile, which can be a temporary or permanent ban, as was the case for Virginia.

Some specific offenses such as posting content with child abuse are part of the “zero tolerance” part of the social network that immediately bans the profile and device used (phone or computer) to prevent other accounts from being created.

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