December 9, 2022
After Xuxa criticizes the Paquitas, Andrea Survitao replies with Bolsonaro

After Xuxa criticizes the Paquitas, Andrea Survitao replies with Bolsonaro

without naming names, Xuxa Meneghel He stated that he cut ties with some paquitas because they were “flawed humans” and that he could review the friendship if there was an apology. On Saturday (16), Andrea Survitao pinned the Junior Queen with a sentence from President Jair Bolsonaro (PL): “For me, it’s Brazil above all and God above all.”

“The person who says he finds it easy to take people out of his life is because, in fact, he never really cared or made an effort to keep them there. In fact, the person was never in his life. Life goes on. Let’s go.. Everyone has their own values ​​and principles.” I’m still here. Hazem. Because for me, Brazil is above all and God is above everything,” the ex-Paqueta stated on her Instagram profile without mentioning the name of the presenter and opponent of the President of the Republic.

In an interview with Talking Parrot Podcastpresented by Sergio Malandro and Renato Rabello, Xuxa declined to answer the names of her favorite paquitas, but stated that “there are some she would never want again in her life.”

“I have the disadvantage of taking people out of my life easily. In the course of my life people will say, ‘That Paquita is not around again.’ [de Xuxa]Never spoke again.’ It wasn’t meant to be. said the announcer.

Watch the video with Xuxa’s statement and Andréa Sorvetão’s answer:

Xuxa and Ayrton Senna

In the same interview, Xuxa revealed more details about her relationship with Ayrton Senna (1960-1994). Among them, an unusual request he made to the pilot in bed.

“When we went to be together, he started pulling my hair out, as if it was a chuca. I told him, ‘You want to be with Xuxa on TV, with chuquinha, with boots. No problem..boot, boot, and I’m wearing a helmet?'” the blonde declared He was supposed to pay in the same currency. When he left, I was like ‘Tannam, Tannam!'[música tema das vitórias de Senna]Mocked.

The veteran also praised the pilot and stated that the relationship between the two was very strong: “People talk a lot about soulmates and such. I don’t know if that even exists. Baby. I always told him I like cars.”

“My feet have always been heavy. I’ve always wanted to run. If it was a woman, he’d say he’d like to have my job. And me, and him. So, we kind of complemented each other. And everything. And it was bad too, because when we fought, I was waiting and I was stubborn, and he waited for me,” he said.

Xuxa also revealed that she regrets some situations in her relationship with Senna: “I got it wrong a lot with him. In fact, it was all in preparation for the day for De Junno [Andrade] And not to make mistakes again. If only I had Juno at twenty, as was the case with Pico [apelido de Senna]I wouldn’t appreciate it.”

Xuxa opened the match on Pele

The queen of acronym talked about it too Relationship with Pele. The two met after a photo session and the relationship lasted six years. According to her, the former player was her first love in her life.

“My heart is beating faster. I said, ‘Why would I do this to this man who is so much older than me?'” “It was not something specific in my head. But he insisted, he sent flowers to my mother, I talked to my father, ”the presenter announced about the beginning of their relationship.

The Football King had to ask her parents for the hand of the blonde several times before getting permission to date her. Xuxa, who was a minor at the beginning of the relationship, could only leave the house with her family’s permission.

“He was from 17 to 23 years old. It took six years. Pele really has a double personality, he speaks in the third person. I fell in love with Deco so much. [apelido de Pelé]who was so close to my family, was so much fun.”

She also criticized some of the star’s attitudes: “Sometimes, he would arrive with a lipstick. He would say, ‘These women still want to grab Pele.’ I didn’t understand it at such a young age. Very easy task. From 17 to 23 years old. ” .

The Mara Maravilla case

In the chat, Sérgio Molandro recalled the moments when Mara Maravilha publicly attacked Xuxa and asked her what she thought of the apology. “That’s fine, that’s cool. I just think it’s something we should forgive and something else that should really change, right?” , responded to the previous record.

“I think, with time, I can tell you if that’s cool because she’s someone I’ve always talked about so well about, I’ve always liked so much and come out saying only bad things about me. I don’t think it’s cool. I didn’t need that. If I did, that’s fine. Her. No difference to me, but it’s good for her,” he noted.

In November 2021, Mara participated as a judge on Programa do Ratinho and Make fun of one of the blonde’s blows To make fun of Sasha Mengele’s mother. “It’s time, it’s time for brainwashing. I got a recording from Xuxa, I became mentally weak. Ilari, ilari, ilariê, ô”, he sang on the SBT stage.

This situation had bad repercussions online, and Mara was accused of using a biased expression. in season, Xuxa had to appear in public to defend herself And condemnation of the position of the “colleague” in terms of profession.

Check out the full interview with Xuxa Meneghel below: