July 23, 2024

Against Bolsonaro, Andrea Beltrao and Marietta Severo announce their vote for Lula in 2022

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Crédito: Divulgação
Crédito: Divulgação
Credit: Disclosure

Marietta Severo and Andrea Beltrau (Credit: Disclosure)

Actresses Andrea Beltrau, 58 years and Marietta Severo, 75, who celebrate 15 years since the Teatro Poeira, are partners and live with difficulties in the project to dismantle national culture, promoted by the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), gave an interview to the newspaper Folha de S. Paolo revealed that they would vote for him Lola (EN) The 2022 elections to be held in October.

The word “democracy” has never been talked about so much before, why? Because they are threatened every day. We have to remember every day what democracy is, to see institutions collapse from within. This year is the year of yelling and screaming and trying to persuade and trying to figure out who the 20% of the population is. What is your spirit to support this? Marietta said.

On Saturday, the veteran also reported that the theater sector was one of the sectors most affected by Petrobras’ sponsorship cuts, starting in the 2019 sentiment. It is harmful. They were able to paste this click on us. Mamata continued. It’s only falling apart because they’re protecting themselves.”

“We made every puera with our money. But we have no problem with the Rouen Law, we are only in our favour. All countries of the world have cultural incentives that earn millions and employ millions. The existing minister of culture understands nothing.”

And Andrea Beltrau ended with a reflection: “Witzel, Crivella, Claudio Castro, very harmful and insignificant at the same time. Now, I no longer have this question of ‘If you are religious, you are righteous.’ There comes a time when the complete absence of the state in relation to the rights of city-dwellers opens up space. It must be occupied.”

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