March 24, 2023
Agibank has a 7-year payroll loan to pay!

Agibank has a 7-year payroll loan to pay!

loans It can be a great financial solution in times of trouble. But it is important to have interest rates and terms that are right for your pocket. This is why a lot of people end up choosing a lend Delivered.

Agibank has a great opportunity for its clients: a method credit With up to 7 years to pay! Want to know more about this possibility? So check out the text below.

Acibank Salary Loan: Low interest and 7 years repayment

Agibank’s payroll loan guarantees the beneficiary additional funds on accessible terms, as the loan installments are directly deducted from the customer’s paycheck or INSS benefit.

It is this “guarantee” of payment that allows interest rates to be charged well below market. However, precisely because it is a salary loan, not all Agibank customers can access it.

Retired and retired INSS clients – or who receive BPC/Loas benefits – can in fact take this line of credit. Other customers cannot get a payroll loan, but Agibank also offers a personal loan option.

However, in this case the interest is lower, and the installment terms differ from case to case. So, if you meet these requirements, you can apply for a payroll loan from Agibank.

Remember, this is a type of loan issued without consulting SPC or Serasa. This means that people with a negative noun have access to money. As for repayment, the interest rate is 1.68% per month, with the possibility of installments in 84 installments (7 years).

Finally, anyone interested in Agibank payroll can apply directly through the bank’s website🇧🇷 On the main page of the site, you can click on “Contract via WhatsApp” and check all the terms of the loan directly from your smartphone.

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