March 30, 2023
Agreeing to two proposals could end the tax

Agreeing to two proposals could end the tax

Many drivers dream of the day when the car tax (IPVA) out of existence. Currently, there are two proposals that seek to bring an end to the tax, namely Legislative Proposals 42 and 50. Both proposals are being addressed by the Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation (CDH).

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Articles with the rapporteur after receiving support from more than 20 thousand people, a fact that happened in 2019 while the proposals were fair legislative ideas. Learn more about all of them below!

IPVA zero

Once published, Legislative Proposal No. 42 quickly reached the volume of support needed in August 2019, just one month after it was announced. The idea is now under the leadership of the Rapporteur and Senator Fabiano Contarato.

In general, the idea proposes eliminating the vehicle’s annual IPVA, avoiding the collection of unpaid car taxes and ensuring the vehicle owner a better financial balance.

In this way, the idea is to convert the IPVA into a tax that is levied during the acquisition of the car, without the citizen having to pay it annually. The proposal is currently supported by 3,044 votes, with only 24 against.

end of IPVA

On the other hand, there is a legislative idea that also proposes to end tax collection. Also published in 2019, this measure has already received the necessary support of 20 thousand and has become the 50th proposal, its rapporteur is Senator Paulo Baim.

The scale suggests the end of the IPVA range as a justification for the higher cost of tribute. As per the procedure, vehicle taxes make it difficult and expensive to maintain, especially when you add expenses with auto products and fuel.

The goal, then, is to encourage the renewal of the Brazilian car fleet, providing greater safety and economy for Brazilians. Currently, the motion is in favor of 309 and 7 against.