July 22, 2024

Al-Ittihad refuses to renegotiate debts worth 2.2 billion Brazilian riyals

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Al-Ittihad refuses to renegotiate debts worth 2.2 billion Brazilian riyals
Al-Ittihad refuses to renegotiate debts worth 2.2 billion Brazilian riyals

Yesterday, the federation informed that it had rejected the request Owner of Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos (Ita), Sidnei Piva de JesusTo renegotiate the group’s debt of 2.2 billion Brazilian reais, which is subject to judicial recovery.

At the end of last year, on Christmas Eve, the company It suspended its flights, leaving passengers who had purchased their tickets unable to travel. In the face of financial difficulties, the company, which is also engaged in road passenger transport, has stopped serving part of the roads.

The union’s decision was expressed through a petition, addressed to him UOL He had access, and it was filed with the First Bankruptcy Court in São Paulo.

An excerpt from the document says: “Through the attorney of the National Treasury, the Federation is informed of the rejection of the proposal for an individual tax treatment submitted by ETA. It is noteworthy that the value of which is already in excess of R$2 billion.”

The decision states that ETA’s proposal was not feasible and did not contain any legal provision.

“Despite all the efforts of the National Treasury to find an alternative that would contribute to the economic recovery and social preservation of ETA, the expectations of the tax authorities remained frustrated in the face of the absolute legal futility of the proposals, which were not supported by law,” highlights the petition signed by Mariana Curé. Treasury Prosecutor.

flight suspension

last week, Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency) banned Itapemirim from selling airline tickets again. Marketing was banned in December. The decision is valid as long as the company does not demonstrate compliance with corrective actions such as re-accommodation of passengers and reimbursement.

The agency’s decision adds to the suspension of air operator certification also in December. Without this document, the airline is not entitled to fly.

Creditors are afraid not to receive

In the opinion of attorney Bruno Valladão, partner at Motta Fernandes Advogados and advocate for a group of Itapemirim creditors, the union’s decision tends to further damage the company’s financial health. According to him, Itapimirim has already failed to pay R$ 30 million to the group represented by the lawyer.

“Many creditors have submitted requests for dismissal of Director Sidney. In August 2021, the Court of First Instance appointed an inspector with powers to prevent suspicious movements in the group’s accounts and set a meeting of creditors to elect a new director,” highlighted the lawyer.

At the end of last year, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) ordered Judge Eduardo Azuma Nishi, of the Court of Justice of São Paulo, who is in charge of the judicial recovery process for Itapimirim, to provide clarification on his role in the case.

The action came after Andrea Cola, the granddaughter of Itapimerim founder Camilo Cola, complained about the judge’s resource analyzes. According to her, decisions taken in secrecy prevented the defenses of Itapimirim’s creditors from being shown.

“Given the content of the reported facts, as well as the peculiar caution affecting the performance of the National Ministry of Justice, it is useful to investigate the allegations exposed to ascertain the possibility of dysfunction during the course of proceedings by a member of the judiciary,” the decision of the National Council’s Department of Internal Affairs was highlighted. to reporters.

wanted by UOL, defend Sydney Beva de Jesus no there was Manifested until the latest update of this report. In addition to the late credit, the creditors represented by Mota Fernandez are awaiting a decision on holographic Creditors to elect a new manager.

The creation of airlines was controversial

a The decision to create an airline, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, caused mistrust in the market, given that the group was already in the process of judicial reorganization at the time, and the airline’s controlling group already owed more than R$2 billion in taxes alone, according to a report from EXM Partners, the judicial official in charge of the process.

Despite the debt, the company spent more than R$29.6 million from September 2020 to the first quarter of last year, with the creation of the airline. In 2020, in a lawsuit questioning Itapemirim’s entry into the aviation market, the court ruled that the company is free to conduct its business, as long as it respects judicial recovery.

In the same year, the head of the group announced a contribution of 500 million US dollars from a fund in the United Arab Emirates. However, it has not yet been confirmed whether these funds have reached the company, because the terms of the agreement are confidential.

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