Alain Stanké has exhibited his wood carvings in the center Boréart

Alain Stanké expose ses sculptures de bois au centre Boréart

Alain Stanké has swapped the pen and paper to scissors and the wood. A former journalist, member of the Order of Canada since 1998, and editor or author of more than two thousand publications, the man with multiple talents, was on a visit to Granby on Sunday afternoon, the center Boréart, to present to a public conquered his exhibition of sculptures, Novel wood.

Alain Stanké has set actively to the work of the wood in the course of the last two decades, but the literary world that he carries in him is never far away. As the name of the exhibition suggests, it is actually a collection of dozens of books made of wood. Some are massive, others more like trinkets, but all demonstrate the love that bears their creator to this universe who dwells in it for more than a half-century.

Each work is appraised with the title and the description that accompanies it. The first wants to soak with a bit of humor and the second is usually a quote from a writer, an artist or the sculptor himself. All of this enables them to give a second dimension to the work.

Despite the importance it has had in the intellectual environment of quebec, Alain Stanké keeps a humility without flaw. As in the literary world than in creation, he considers himself more as a craftsman than an artist. It is also a very down-to-earth that he put to the work of the wood. “I was in the Bahamas a few years ago with my lover and, at the time, I was a cigar lover. I bought a few, but I had nothing to put them on. Then I found a piece of wood and I made a box. Already it looked like a book ! “he said all smiles.

In return, he took a liking to the work of the wood. “I’m set to make up to the point where I didn’t know what to do with it. In 2011, I made the donation of approximately two hundred pieces to the Museum of quebec folk art at Three Rivers, ” explains the artisan.

Alain Stanké expose ses sculptures de bois au centre Boréart

The work survival Guide is accompanied by a quote from Daniel Bertrand : “in the city or In the middle of the forest, who has a book is always ready.”


At this time, he had already presented more than twenty exhibitions, half of which abroad (Mexico and France).

The majority of the works presented at the centre Boréart are from the collection of the Museum of popular art, but few are revealed to the public for the first time in Granby.

Out of the ordinary

By his own admission, Alain Stanké is not the biggest fan of art openings. Even more so when the works exposed are his own. “I’m a little like my friend Jean-Paul Lemieux [editor’s NOTE: the québécois painter], he hated to go to art openings. He said that he felt quite naked and I feel me like this, ” he says.

Before the importance of the artist, the centre Boréart had planned an interview-conference which was to be conducted by France Arbour. The latter could not be present for health reasons, it is the artist Marie-Josée Choquette, better known by his stage name Marimuz, which had replaced it. The opportunity for the people present at the opening to hear a thousand and one anecdotes of one who has had a life journey out of the ordinary.

Of his native country — Lithuania — to the labour camps the germans during the Second world War, and then from France to the rich career he was well known in Quebec, Alain Stanké has returned to its basic facts of the weapons, most already known, but the audience seemed to enjoyed to hear again from the mouth of the storyteller without peer. Despite the importance of the events, Mr. Stanké has dédramatisés and has recounted his meetings with a lot of humor.

The man was crossing in Granby for a few hours, but his works will remain at the centre Boréart until 3 February.

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