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Alceu Valença and Ouro Preto Orchestra present “Valencianas II” at Espaço Unimed | SEGS

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Alceu Valença and Ouro Preto Orchestra present "Valencianas II" at Espaço Unimed |  SEGS
Alceu Valença and Ouro Preto Orchestra present "Valencianas II" at Espaço Unimed |  SEGS

November 12 (Saturday) will go down in the history of Espaço Unimed. On this date, Alceu Valença and Orquestra Ouro Preto, led by Maestro Rodrigo Tovolo, perform in one of Brazil’s major concert halls and launch the second chapter of the partnership in São Paulo. The material, recorded directly at Casa de Música do Porto, in Portugal, comes with the challenge of offering the audience a new and surprising experience.

With new and integrated themes, organized by Mateus Freire, “Valencianas 2” continues the project that transforms Alceu’s creations into concert music. The album will be available from August 26 on streaming platforms, followed by a series of shows in several Brazilian cities.

The first stop will be in Rio de Janeiro and will set the tone for the grandeur of the project. On August 28, at 18:00, on Copacabana Beach, the musician from Pernambuco and the formations of Minas Gerais promised to attract and delight the audience with songs that express the history of Brazilian music. The show is free and is sponsored by the Valley Cultural Institute, through the federal Culture Stimulation Act. Then he arrived in São Paulo, at Espaço Unimed.

The concert highlights the essential elements of northeastern song found in the works of the Pernambuco composer and its dialogue with other genres, such as fado and bossa, adapted to the language of chamber music. Valencianas II reaffirms the comprehensive and innovative concept that began on the award-winning album and DVD, Brazilian Music Award winners, in 2015.

Recorded on a warm Portuguese winter’s night, the new project adds other classics from Alceu’s repertoire, such as “Taxi lunar” (in partnership with Geraldo Azevedo and Zé Ramalho), “Papagaio do Futuro”, “Solidão” and “Na Primeira Manhã” , “Scissors of Desire”, “I Walked the Streets”, “Like Two Animals”, among others.

If the Lusitan atmosphere inspires the tone of “Borboleta”, associated with “P da Paixão” fado, the Ibero-Moroccan component also extends to “White Day”. While Samba do Tempo evokes Bossa Nova, Eu Vou Fazer Você Voar’s final song is all about Afro-Brazilian. As in the first volume, the concert’s opening number is an orchestral ensemble, in which various Valença themes have been adapted by arranger Mateus Freire.

“Alceu is a symbol of Brazilian music for its eternal boldness and contemporary. That is why we believe it is time once again to connect its range with the diversity of the Orchestra of Ouro Preto”, highlights conductor Rodrigo Tovolo.

“Valencianas is a beautiful project, it brings this wide bias into my work. The concert gives me the opportunity to be a Pavarotti for the Orchestra of Oro Preto (laughs). Singing with OOP is really cool. I feel like I’m in heaven,” said Alceu Valença.

“Valencianas 2” has a theatrical direction and scenography of Paulo Ruggiero Lage, who is also the producer and creator of the project. Lighting by Pedro Pederneras, with recording, mixing and mastering by Bruno Corre. The entire concert was recorded at Casa da Musica, in Porto, on January 20, 2020

Tickets for this meeting, which filled theaters across the country in its first edition, are now on sale and can be purchased online or at the Espaço Unimed box office.


Valencianas, the first edition of the show, was designed in 2010 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alceu Valença’s career, as a result of a meeting with Paulo Rogerio Lage, who had planned for some time to present orchestral features of his work, together with conductor of the Oro Preto, Rodrigo Tovolo, and conductor.

Until then, the works of the singer and composer from Pernambuco did not receive such treatment, which represented an unprecedented experience in Alceu’s career. The success of the partnership was absolute, taking thousands of people to theaters and arenas in Brazil and Portugal.

With the CD and DVD recording of “Valencianas: Alceu Valença e Orquestra Ouro Preto”, in 2014, the work, praised by critics and celebrated by the public, won the Prêmio da Música Brasileira Award in 2015, as Best MPB Album, the category of greatest prestige for the traditional award . In social media and streaming applications, the success of the partnership has reached unimaginable numbers, both for MPB artists and orchestras.

The Band

One of the finest orchestra formations in the country, Ouro Preto Orchestra has conductor Rodrigo Tovolo as artistic director and conductor. The young band, which won a national award, has been performing in major concert halls in Brazil and around the world. The orchestra was created in 2000 and its work is distinguished by its experience and originality.

The essence of the Oro Preto orchestra is to make concert music accessible and interesting to the audience, taking classical music out of the concert halls and conveying it to the audience in an exercise in popularizing style. Therefore, the conductor and musicians always take care of the task of demystifying the style, making it appealing to everyone’s ears.

The formula chosen by Orquestra Ouro Preto for this is a mixture of distinction and diversity, the fusion of classic and more popular styles, making the millennium meeting of classical music with rock, MPB and even hip-hop, pervasive and infused with contemporary languages.

About Unimed Space

Re-opened in 2012, Espaço Unimed is the new name of Espaço das Américas, established as the largest space for concerts, social events, companies and exhibitions in São Paulo, with a capacity of 8 thousand people. 2011, Ensuring the comfort and well-being of the public. The new stage has been developed to provide better visibility from all angles, giving customers more convenience for small and large performances.

Contemporary architecture and décor signed by Spaniard Carlos Fiqueira offer innovative solutions that provide flexibility and sophistication to attend events and turn them into fantastic events.

Among the main differences of the house are its accessible location, close to Barra Funda subway station and main roads, as well as versatility in assuming different layouts and configurations. In the internal structure, there is a luxurious entrance hall for 1,000 people, a main hall of about 3,500 square meters, five screens with front projection, central air conditioning, four bars, two cabins with exclusive bathrooms and four comfortable dressing rooms with balcony. Living room. Additionally, Espaço Unimed has its own buffet and industrial kitchen that develops set menus for each event, with the ability to serve up to 4,000 dinners at a time.

SERVICES – “VALENCIANAS II” with Alceu Valença and Ouro Preto Orchestra at Espaço Unimed
Show: “VALENCIANAS II” with Alceu Valença and Ouro Preto Orchestra at Espaço Unimed
Date: November 12, 2022 (Saturday)
House opening: 20 hours
Show start: 21:30
Location: Espaço Unimed (Rua Tagipuru, 795 – Barra Funda – São Paulo – SP)
Age classification: 14 years old
Disabled access: Yes
House capacity for this event: 4112
Tickets: Platinum Sector: R$480.00 (full price) and R$240.00 (half price) | Premium Blue Sector: R$380.00 (full price) and R$190.00 (half price) | Blue and Sector A: R$280.00 (full price) and R$140.00 (half price) | Sectors B, C and D: R$240.00 (full price) and R$120.00 (half price) | Sectors E, F, G and H: R$ 200.00 (full price) and R$ 100.00 (half price) | Sectors I, J and K: R$ 160.00 (full price) and R$ 80.00 (half price) | PCD: 80.00 BRL | Cabin A: R$480.00 (complete and single) | Cabin B: R$380.00 (full and single).
Buying tickets: At the ticket office of Espaço Unimed (Mon-Sat 10am-7pm – no convenient fee) or online through the Ticket360 website Ticket360> Valencianas II with Alceu Valença and Orquestra Ouro Preto
Payment methods: Cash, credit and debit cards, Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Diners Club, Red Shop. Checks are not accepted.
Prohibited Items: Professional or semi-professional photography camera (large cameras with external zoom or that change lenses), video cameras, audio recorders, laser pens, any type of tripod, selfie stick, team jerseys, chains and belts, plastic bottles, Alcoholic beverages, toxic substances, fireworks, flammable materials in general, things that can cause injuries, firearms, white weapons, glasses and glasses in general, whole fruits, aluminum cans, umbrellas, newspapers, magazines, flags, banners, motorcycle helmets and the like.

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