May 31, 2023

Aleac approves Gladson ‘package’ that gives temporary salary, active health boost –

The Legislative Assembly of Acre on Wednesday night (26) approved a package of bills sent by Governor Gladson Camelli that, among other benefits, already benefits from the fiscal window leading up to the publication of the new report on the Fiscal Responsibility Act due for release at the end of the month, the bill gives an increase In the salary of 20.32% for all state employees and there is a minimum wage of R$ 1320, since the minimum wage of several categories has not received the amount corresponding to the national minimum wage.

“Over the years, previous governments left this group of civil servants on the sidelines of sectoral adjustments, which led to a situation in which these public servants receive a statutory basic salary below the minimum wage set by the federation and periodically updated, which requires the state to pay supplementary funds. From Acre,” Gladson said in his letter to the legislature.

Deputy Edvaldo Magalhães saw a problem with this project, because, according to him, many servers are old and may not be maintained. “What we need from this floor is for them to pull the trigger so they can get a lead on service time to make some gain,” said the parliamentarian. In plenary he introduced an oppressive amendment intended to secure real gains for the older members, and was rejected by the majority of those present.

The supplementary bill that replaced the government letter was approved and the creation of effective vacancies from the use of temporary jobs was approved. The proposal by the executive branch could abolish vacancies rather than create them, and the surrogate corrected them. Only in the field of health will there be a 35% increase in vacancies.

The head of the government, Michelle Melo, said Governor Gladson Camille was sensitive to correcting failures in negotiations with the classes.

Aleac also approved a schedule of additional emergency duties for the staff of the Health Department and the Hospital Foundation. The main driver for this update lies in the fact that previously practiced values, starting at R$40 per 12-hour shift, were largely outdated. The proposed 30% amendment seeks to ensure a fair and appropriate remuneration for shift bonuses in this specific category of public service employees.”

The rejection of the amendment, which included the group of technicians on duty, led to protests by union members in the committee room. Edvaldo Magalhães and Adailton Cruz reintroduced the amendment in plenary. It was rejected again, this time from 12 to 4.

Representatives also decided to maintain Lieutenant Governor Mileza Gomez’s veto of the existing PL proposal dealing with the same subject matter as Bill 29/2023, whose amendment added another salary reference to Professor P1’s position. Edvaldo Magalhaes said that the veto of the amendment was political because of the authorship—himself. The veto was upheld by 14 votes to 3.