Alex Beaulé wants more fights

Alex Beaulé veut plus de combats

After winning three of his five fights in mixed martial arts, Alex Beaulé has delivered his first boxing match two weeks ago, a fight he won by stoppage from the referee. In 30 years, the new Granbyen has a single objective in 2019 : get visibility.

“I am someone who is quite discreet in the life of every day, and I’m not running after journalists,” says the former Sherbrooke, who stopped in the offices of The Voice of the East this week. But I feel that I have to make an effort to let me know more if I want to progress in my career. “

Beaulé was found at Granby, after having been taken under his wing by Yan Pellerin, who became his great friend, to not tell his brother. The two men are known as the first trained in Drummondville and he was showing great things in the amateur ranks of mixed martial arts.

“Yan has done a lot for me and continues to do so much. It is he who has led me in the pros in mixed martial arts and it was he who opened me the door to professional boxing. He is there for me and now I am there for him also. “

If Beaulé has found himself on the last card of the promoter Yvon Michel recently, it is because he found that things didn’t move fast enough in mixed martial arts with the promoter Stéphane Patry.

“In December, I fought on two days notice at TKO 45 presented at the Bell Centre. And you know what ? I won. Me, what I want is to beat me. If there are no opportunities in martial arts and in boxing, I’ll go to boxer, just. “

At the Cabaret of the Montreal Casino, Beaulé has defeated Alexander Rosales Cruz by K. O. technique in the fourth and final round. Even if his opponent had nothing of a future world champion, he has shown great things.

“A few journalists came up to me and said : “You come to mixed martial arts, but you’re really the air of a boxer”. It was a pleasure for me. “

It is unclear when he will fight again, or even if it will be in boxing or in mixed martial arts. But he hopes to get a fight in the spring.

“But me, you have seen it before the Holidays, I’m always ready. “

Sergeant Beaulé

Alex Beaulé has a particular profile. It is a construction worker in the life of every day, and it is also a reservist in the army. More precisely, he is a sergeant in the Hussars de Sherbrooke, where it forms the falls.

“I’m a guy very disciplined and, in this sense, the army suits me very well, says the one who has fought at light-heavyweight in his debut in boxing. I do pay attention to me, I eat well and I don’t do the feast. And that is why I am able to take a fight on 48 hours notice. “

If he wants the visibility in 2019, his dream, his great dream, is to live his passion for combat sports.

“It could be me beating at a regular pace and at a high level, but it could also be by being a coach. I love beat me, but I love to teach also. What I do in the army allows me to pass on what I know and I love it. “

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