Alex Labbé: always a question of money

Alex Labbé: toujours une question d’argent

It is at the end of the week that will shake the NASCAR season with the famous Daytona 500. But it is in front of his tv, and not from inside a car, Alex Labbé will monitor the action.

No, Abbot has still not found sufficient funding, and the team allowing him to start the season at the same time as everyone else in the series Xfinity. After becoming the first Quebecer in history to compete in all of the steps of one of the three major businesses of NASCAR in 2018, the driver of the Bois-Francs saw a situation extremely frustrating.

“We discussed, there are talks with a lot of people, but there is nothing concrete for the moment,” explains Labbé from Florida, where he had to participate in three events at the edge of a super late model in the last few days. It’s been 100 times that I say it, but this is it anyway : no money, no race. This is the reality of our sport. “

Labbé finished 17th overall in the driver standings in the series Xfinity the last season. But he ended the campaign of punishment and misery, being unable to only change tyres at the same rate as all the world because of a very limited budget with DGM Racing, the team of Mario Gosselin.

DGM has leased both of its cars to other drivers for the first races of the season in series Xfinity.

“There are still opportunities with Mario, but it really takes as. I discuss with other people also. “

BRP was supported Labbé then he ran in series canadian NASCAR as well as last season when he participated in the championship series Xfinity. But the company, whose head office is located in Valcourt has not yet given its support to Labbé in view of the new season.

One also hears little about Alain Lord Mounir, who was the boss of Labbé in series canadian NASCAR and the led in series Xfinity, but it seems that it remains in the entourage of the pilot, which gave him a championship in 2017.

“These are tough times, these are times of very frustrating,” sighed Labbé. But I do nevertheless lose not hope to run a few times in the series Xfinity this season. “

In Canada

At a time when we speak, it is in series canadian NASCAR that the chances of Labbé to find a steering wheel to a full-time seem to be the best.

“There are serious discussions, it is true,” he said. The advantage of the series canadian, besides the fact that it requires less money, it is the more flexible schedule since there is no racing at all on the weekends. It allows you to do something else also. “

As of the events in super late model in the United States, where the level is high in several series, will highlight Labbé.

Alex Labbé is clearly a driver, very talented. He demonstrated it, such as Andrew Ranger (and others) had done before him. But it faces the same problem as Ranger earlier : the money.

Hard, hard, the racing world…

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