July 2, 2022
Alexa turns two in Brazil: 15 things you could ask for that you didn't know |  Amplifiers

Alexa turns two in Brazil: 15 things you could ask for that you didn’t know | Amplifiers

a Alexa Celebrating two years on Brazilian soil this week. .’s virtual assistant Amazon shy arrived in 2019 to the speakers sound echoAnd echo dot NS Echo Show 5 With 350 skills (or abilities). Today, the total number is more than 2,000, as well as its compatibility with about 650 electronics, according to the company.

The main function of a virtual assistant is to interact with the user. Last year alone, she responded 38 million times to “Alexa, good morning.” On the program’s second anniversary in Brazil, Amazon has revealed some fun orders to make, and TechAll I made a list of the best of them.

The Echo Show 5 brought Alexa to Brazil in 2019 – Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

1. “Alexa, is this remark true?”

The assistant joins in the fun and replies: “Gentlemen, tomorrow everyone will go out.” This comment is correct…

2. “Alexa, tell me a joke”

Every time someone makes that request, Alexa explores the entire comic repertoire with silly jokes.

3. “Alexa, sing samba”

“Samba da IA” is the great samba song of the assistant, which contains the infinitive: “Lá vai o samba, o samba da IA.”

4. “Alexa, sing happy birthday”

Do you feel lonely on your birthday? Alexa keeps you company and sings happy birthday.

5. “Alexa, imitate SpongeBob”

She even tried hard, but she’s not good at imitation…

Fire TV Stick (4K) also compatible with Alexa – Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

Amazon assistant makes very long noises and creates an atmosphere, for example, squat.

Every time you spend a Friday, Alexa has a different sermon sermon. For example, you conjugate the verb sextar or recite the poem “Today is the day of grudge.” The list is long.

8. “Alexa, lucky or vice versa?”

It is a fun game. She chooses one and then does an action that might be annoying or funny. In some cases, it asks you to do something.

The Echo Show 10 is a newly launched speaker from Amazon that has Alexa and an interactive screen – Photo: Divulgação / Amazon

9. “Alexa, what clothes will I wear?”

Alexa is also culture and here you prove it. For this question, the assistant cites the composition “Com que Clothes” by Noel Rosa, one of the biggest names in samba. If you are not really sure what to wear, it is better to ask someone in the body: they will not help you.

10. “Alexa, biscuit or biscuit?”

Alexa is in a very good position in this controversy, without favoring one or the other. Is it wrong?

11. “Alexa, tell me a secret”

Whoever submits this application receives a wealth of information about Alexa itself. She doesn’t like gossip.

12. “Alexa, surprise me with a chosen drink”

Looking for a different recipe to heat up in the winter or cool in the summer? Alexa can help you.

4th generation Echo Dot simplifies access to Alexa at home – Image: Publicity/Amazon

13. “Alexa, is he good with spices?”

Alexa says it’s always good to work on Tombiru.

14. “Alexa Mosquito Mimicry”

It emits a typical insect hum, but don’t go slap the poor thing.

15. “Alexa, spell the word cobblestone”

She spells it correctly. You can believe.

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