August 9, 2022
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Alexandre Fruta reveals he actually dated Marisa Monti: ‘I’ve never told anyone’

Federal Deputy Alexandre Fruta (PSDB-SP), 57, was revealed in an interview with the comedy podcast “Love Treta.” Rafael Cortezwho dated the singer Mount Marisa in the eighties.

“I met Marisa Monti several years ago. I met her in Rio de Janeiro, doing a show Miguel Falabella, “Rocky Horror Show”. She was my girlfriend, no one knew. I never spoke. I said now why did you play [no nome dela] And with great respect,” Fruta began.

Rafael Cortez was surprised by the actor’s announcement, which told more about the topic. “We dated for a while. I spent many years in her home in Urca. The deputy said that she already sang a lot at that time and that is why she performed Falabella musicals. ”

Fruta said he hoped she wouldn’t be upset that he exposed their relationship, and that he commented on her very respectfully, and said he still likes her very much.

“I don’t want her to be sad because I revealed her with you here, because I revealed her in a serious conversation. I think she is a wonderful woman, a wonderful actress, a kind person and her work is recognized all over the world. She was part of a process in my life. I know everyone, her sister, her mother… ‘ said the deputy.

“It was something I hadn’t told anyone about in my years of interviews and television,” Fruta concluded.

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