Alexandre Taillefer will not be a candidate for the leadership of the liberal Party

Alexandre Taillefer ne sera pas candidat à la direction du Parti libéral

MONTREAL – The founder of Teo Taxi, Alexandre Taillefer, hope that the company’s assets in bankruptcy can be recovered.

Mr. Taillefer, which was not found during the announcement of the end of the activities of Teo Taxi on Tuesday morning, wrote Wednesday on his Twitter account that the taxi industry would be an advantage to retrieve the 220 electric vehicles of the fleet of Teo Taxi.

His letter addressed to prime minister François Legault also proposed that the charging stations will be offered at Hydro-Québec, and Investissement Québec can take control of the software used by Teo Taxi. He also hopes that the technology of the call centre is available to other taxi companies.

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The prime minister Legault said Wednesday morning that the government could help a potential buyer, but that the new direction given to Investissement Québec, is designed to create jobs more than $ 50,000 per year. This does not correspond to the income of taxi drivers, he said.

About the balance sheet of the experience Teo, Mr. Legault did not hear a “witch-hunt”.

On Tuesday, the minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, argued that even if the business model of Teo Taxi was not viable, its division of technology could generate interest.

The government house leader of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, suggests that the Quebec government could recover the cars and the charging stations to accelerate its shift to the electrification of transport.

Alexandre Taillefer says that he has lost everything in the sinking of Teo Taxi in which he assumes the responsibility, and that has pushed unemployment to some 400 operators employees.

In this regard, a partner of Teo Taxi, Keolis Canada, invites all the drivers licensees to submit their application on its web site or by e-mail, while it seeks to fill more than 50 positions of drivers in urban transit, intercity, school and airport.

The majority shareholder of Taxelco, the parent company of Teo Taxi, is Fund XPND Growth, which is part of XPND Capital, where Alexandre Taillefer is a senior partner. Mr. Taillefer was, however, removed from the folder, depending on what was said Tuesday the acting president and CEO of Taxelco, Dominic Bécotte.

Lessons to be learned

In response to the letter published by Mr. Taillefer, the leaders of the taxi industry took the floor in turn to identify some lessons to be learned from the experience Teo.

Taxis in the Greater Montreal (TGM), and the Consolidation of interim taxi Québec (RITQ) go their own recommendations to the ministry of Transport.

First and foremost, the taxi industry insists that no funds “may not correct indefinitely a market that is inequitable and unfair”, pointing to the fact that identical services may not be subject to different rules and hope for a healthy competition.

The two groups of the industry are calling for a modernisation of the regulatory framework termed the “old-fashioned” and that it applies to “all carriers without exception”.

The industry denounces the pretension of Uber can be a service of “car pooling urban”. “It is simply the transport remunerated of those done by amateurs, and that the central allocation is to San Francisco”, argue the representatives of the taxi.

TGM and the RITQ are finally on guard against the temptation to open the door to an unlimited number of taxi permits. “A serious mistake”, they believe.

“Deregulation will lead to congestion, depletion and chaos on the roads”, insist the leaders of the taxi.

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