March 30, 2023
Aline exchanges barbs with Dai and Riku in the game chat

Aline exchanges barbs with Dai and Riku in the game chat

in the Gulf regionfarm 13″ (RecordTV), During the dawn of the day, Ellen Mineiro ended up in a small argument with Rico Melquiades and Diane Mello after hearing criticism for being a ‘bite and hit’ style move regarding his rivals in reality show.

After criticizing Marina Ferrari and Joe Araujo for having positive attitudes only for the sake of comfort in the game, Rico was not intimidated and commented that the fact that Allen had given notice of her voting targets in advance was wrong.

Aline, do you know what I see in you? Example: If someone messes up while you live there, you say “we can talk about singing later”. Like, I don’t think it’s worth it.

“Who spoiled me?” asked Allen.

“No. Anyone who says anything about you, call a corner to talk. If the person who doesn’t like me or has a negative attitude with me, I won’t talk to him. If the person wants to talk, Rikuo said, OK, but I go talk to someone who talks about me?”

“It goes with character,” Dayan said.

In contrast, the former patient was keen to show her unease with the rule of her allies in “A Fazenda 2021”.

Do you know what the fuck is? You are in control of something you will not do. I do and you judge me for an attitude you wouldn’t have.

“Friend, that’s not judgment. We’re friends and when we’re friends, we don’t judge. First thing, we only talk about what we think and not judgment,” Dayan said. “Friend, all you have to do is call someone who doesn’t care about you sometimes,” Rico slammed again, and Diane also added:

Or you are already saying “I’ll vote for you and don’t be sad.” like hello? (Hello?)

Allen denied that she was going to play a match like a buddy game against her rivals and was angry after seeing Diane accuse her of doing nothing when she was told she was going to be the target of a country vote.

I arrived and spoke and said “Jamal”. What do you want me to do? Slap her in the face and say: “That’s it, tell the truth, did you guys agree to vote for me?”

“No one has ever had the guts to tell me they would vote for me,” Diane said. “The only person who came to me was Marina,” said Rico. “Thank God, we are different, right,” Allen Needle.

Visibly upset, the ex-Dreads of Rico and Diane announced that she would not be led by the emotions of others to determine her position in the race for the R$1.5 million prize.

Don’t hit me. I will not change because so-and-so and so-and-so say something about me. I will follow my head and my way. I wanted you to follow my life here before. I didn’t get into some cool stuff.

“I’m talking about the game,” Rico explained. “I understand… I’m here to do what I feel like. If I feel like saying ‘I’m going to vote for you,’ I’ll say it. If I feel like whining, I’ll go shit,” Allen shot. “I respect, but I don’t agree,” Rico and Diane concluded.

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