March 30, 2023
Aline Scratched changes her hair, stature, and even her name;  Check out TV news

Aline Scratched changes her hair, stature, and even her name; Check out TV news

Aline scratch Tuesday (12) announced a series of changes in his life beginning with his stage name. She no longer wants to be called Riscado, but Allen Campos. “My Christian name is back in being my strength, the way I want to be called from now on,” he said in an Instagram post.

On the social network, the former Faustão dancer has already changed her name. She also shared the new haircut and a new image: more sober and spiritual, even with the environment.

“Planet Earth is currently undergoing an intense transformation, and this is increasingly being felt, even by the most skeptical of them. And the opportunity we as human beings have to learn and, therefore, evolve into a more extensive and higher consciousness, is bound up with the flow from all parts of the universe! With me it would be no different! ‘,” the digital influencer wrote.

Allen took advantage of the fact that it was her twelfth birthday to announce her new stage. She wrote, “I am more and more in touch with the most tender. My essence is more and more overpowering my ego, which eludes us and sabotages us.” Allen stated that she feels transformed deeply internally, to reconnect to her roots, including capillaries.

“Today, I’m also testing out my hair growth without chemicals to straighten it, and with the assurance that this is the cutest beauty I could ever have. And real! The cut came to shut down all this courage to assume who I really am, with justification for the certainty that whatever eyes see without feeling it, is all It is an illusion! Gratitude.”

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