October 2, 2022
All games announced for Ubisoft Forward 2022

All games announced for Ubisoft Forward 2022

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I thought shit news from marvel From star Wars Is it all that will occupy your day? I found an error! at the same time like D23 . Gallerya Ubisoft Introduce a digital event called Ubisoft Strikerto reveal more of his upcoming games – such as the promising future of Doctrine killer.

Check out what happened below. Ubisoft Striker:

New Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope

The continuation of the excellent Nintendo Switch game has earned a new gameplay video, which shows a turn-based game against a brightly colored boss. Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope. It was also announced that the game will include three expansions in 2023, including one with Rayman as a playable character.

skull and bones

ubisoft hacker game, skull and bones It won new previews during the event. The game was introduced with a short story clip, a game trailer, and another with the developers explaining excerpts from the game. The game starts in November 8and will be interrupted at launch.

Bikes in Rider’s Republic

Republic of Riders, the multisports game from Ubisoft, will gain a new mod: BMX. The trailer showcases various adventures by bike, with plenty of customization options.

New Trailer for The Division: Heartland

to divide He will win a free derivative called Division: Heartland, which will be an online shooter. The game won a new trailer in this event.

Division: back

In addition to the new additions to the main game and the free shooter, to divide He will also win a mobile game called Division: backwhich contained a trailer focused on extraction missions.

Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta

capacitor rainbow six sig You will get a portable version with rainbow six mobile, with intense PvP combat. During the event, it was announced the start of a closed beta September 12 for players Android. This time, Brazil is on the list!

Partnership with Netflix

Ubisoft has partnered with Netflix To launch three exclusive mobile games for service subscribers flow: brave hearts 2, a continuation of the acclaimed war game; the new great quest As well as an unprecedented game of Doctrine killer (More on that shortly). By the way, the company also mentioned that it produces a series Live action or direct event Franchise business, but did not mention other details.

Keep track of

crazy racing game Keep track of Consoles will be released! Scheduled for 2023, the new release will have crossover and common progression across all platforms.

Just Dance 2023

As usual, new just dance It was announced, and got a trailer showing the new songs that will be in the 2023 release, including Dua LipaAnd the Justin Beiber And much more. Interestingly enough, this will be the first game in the series that will not be released for it Nintendo Wii – Not for Playstation 4 And the Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage

After leaks and announcements Assassin’s Creed: Mirage It was finally officially revealed with a trailer. Set in 9th century Baghdad, the game promises to return to the roots of the series celebrating 15 years. Launching in 2023.

New Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Expansion

Ubisoft still keeps updating Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla! At the event, another narrative expansion for the game, called ., was announced final chapter (Or the last chapter, in a free translation).

Assassin’s Creed for mobile

Promoting the first Netflix ad Doctrine killer An open world for mobiles Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade. The game will take place in China, and will allow the creation of the protagonist. No release date has been announced.

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Red

After announcing Doctrine killerIt has been revealed that the next big game in the franchise will be Code name: red, an open world RPG game set in feudal Japan. The game is being developed by the same studio that took care of it Epicand this design line will follow during Mirage It will be a more linear and narrative game.

Assassin’s Creed: Codename Hexe

Another project from Doctrine killer pronounce he hex code name, which seems to follow the more mystical and magical aspect that some of the game’s expansions explore. Details were not disclosed.

INFINITI project

Have you found a lot of games from the same franchise strange? in case, hex code nameAnd the Codename Jade And the Codename Red Not exactly games per se, but chapters of something called endlessVarious games center Doctrine killer. There are no details yet on exactly how that will work, nor is there an exact release date for this hub.