October 2, 2023
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Allison Dose Santos won gold with the best time of the year in the Diamond League in the United States

Alison Dos Santos of Brazil continues to play in the 400-meter hurdles. For the second straight leg of the Diamond League, the 21-year-old climbed to the top of the podium. This Saturday, he won gold with the best score of the year. At the World Championships in July, he scored 47.23 points at Eugene in the United States.

Pew, also known as Sao Joaquim da Barra from Sao Paulo, won gold in Doha, Qatar two weeks ago and continues to improve his results this season. The goal is to reach a world that runs in less than 47 seconds.

Success in Eugene went without a hitch. The Brazilian was dropped on the way to the World Cup in July. When Alison passed 47.23 and without shadows, Gallifa Rosser and Quincy Hall, second and third, respectively, nailed: 48.10.

At the Olympics bronze, Alison Dos Santos hopes to improve her time in Tokyo, where she finished third with 46.72. Norway’s Carsten Warhol is the champion and Olympic record holder with 45.94 points.

When asked if he’s a big contender for Warhome today, Pew knows that it’s even harder to fight an opponent. “He’s the boss now, the losing guy. To win the World Cup, you have to run 45 runs. You have no choice,” the Brazilian said.