Alpine skiing: Efforts-Coderre will go to the Championship of Vermont

Ski alpin: Lisé-Coderre ira au Championnat du Vermont

The recent good performance on the slopes of the young skier from Lac-Brome Charl-Robèr Efforts-Coderre allowed him to clinch a place in the Championship of the State of Vermont, which will be played at the beginning of march at the ski resort Stratton.

All the best skiers from the neighbouring State of Québec will participate in this competition found which will stretch over a period of five days. 13-year-old Efforts-Coderre will defend the colors of the Burke Mountain Academy, the famous institution of the world of alpine skiing where he trains full-time this season.

“This event is the first step which serves as qualification for the Championships Is United States, and then the north american Championships (Can-Am) then”, explains on the phone to his father, Joslin Coderre, in the absence of Charl-Robèr, who was enjoying a day off… to ski with friends in Bromont.

The young man will be hoping to repeat his performance of a week ago when he had obtained the first place in slalom at the ski resort Mad River, in the north of Vermont. The Bromois had had the best for more than 75 riders at this event North of the Vermont Council.

This season, his goal is to return to the north american Championships in under-16 years, where he had been impressed last year by shining in the giant slalom and finishing fourth in the rollup. From the top of his 12 years, he had been the best Canadian at Sugarloaf, in Maine, he had also earned the title of rookie excellence.

The Vermont instead of Quebec

Previously a member of the competition team of the resort Owl’s Head, Efforts-Coderre has joined the ranks of the prestigious Burke Mountain Academy (BMA) this fall.

Located in Vermont, about 1h30 drive from Granby, the BMA has produced not less than thirty olympic athletes in alpine skiing and cross-country skiing over the years, including none other than the American Mikaela Shiffrin, who is poised to break records in the world Cup at the age of only 23 years.

Charl-Robèr had already taken part in several camps, the sports academy, including three last summer in France, Oregon, and Colorado, in the past, but this is only at the beginning of the season that he finally made the jump south of the border. “Charl-Robèr has an exceptional talent in many sports, including alpine skiing, and we wanted to offer him the opportunity to train and compare it with the best. A member of the club of Owl’s Head since his 6 years, he dominated his peers and we wanted the best place to develop,” says his mother, Isabelle Efforts.

While pursuing his secondary studies at a distance to the école Wilfrid-Leger, Waterloo, the young Efforts-Coderre trains currently six half-days per week on Burke Mountain. It often makes the return trip with his father and sometimes sleeps on the premises as the boarders have a regular school vermont. “They have materially changed the way to ski. It began quietly with the 3rd and 4th places in December and January, but he seems to have found its bearings. It is really well supported out there and he reaps dividends”, summarizes his father Joslin.

The sides of his model

New mountain, a new group of coaches and new language, Charl-Robèr has not chosen the road of ease for the perfection of his art, but he can count on a place on one of its models. The Granbyen Raphael Lessard, one of the best hopes of the Quebec alpine skiing, in fact, lives in the small boarding school in Vermont for the last few years.

In addition to having earned four podiums in Quebec this season, including a gold medal in slalom at Mont Saint-Sauveur, the skier of 17 years has participated in several races in France and Switzerland in anticipation of the junior World championships which will be held from February 18 to February 27 at the Val di Fissa, Italy. “They are given five Quebec to train there (at the BMA), including two from the region. Raphael has laid out the path and it is truly inspiring to see him go. This is the model of Charl-Robèr and he is pleased to be able to be around them,” says Joslin Coderre.

According to Christine Booker, the new coach of Charl-Robèr, who doesn’t hide his olympic ambitions, this one did not have to worry. It has all the assets to follow in the footsteps of his idol. “Charl-Robèr is dedicated to his sport. It showed a lot of maturity. It is a skier’s intelligent, open to advancing his technique and he is very disciplined. He wants to become the best and it is always in mode progression. He learns quickly. I am coached skiing for almost 30 years and I can definitely say that Charl-Robèr is a young exceptional for his age,” she concludes.

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