March 29, 2023

Alternate Yasmine Brunet, Ana Paola Mezzari, parades in Sapucaí in the same car as the former supermodel Affair | Carnival 2023 in Rio de Janeiro

Ana Paola Mezzari, substitute for Yasmine Brunet in Saturday’s Grand Rio Parade of Champions, parades in the same car as singer Xamã, the former model’s relationship – Image: Matheus Rodrigues/g1

Yasmine Brunet’s offer from the Parade of Champions has been rejected by the Grande Rio direction, and he has a replacement at the Parade of Champions this Saturday (25).

Who replaces Luisa Brunet’s daughter is the businesswoman Ana Paola Mezzari, who enters Sapucaí in the same car as the singer Xamã, the former model’s relationship.

The replacement was announced on a social network by the daughter of the Grand Rio’s president, Tina Oliveira.

According to Tina, on the day of the Grand Rio show, the model was the last person to arrive at the rally. “She made a scene in the dressing room. She insulted the people who were working and helping her put on the outfit. She said what mattered to her was her imagination. Respect goes anywhere. And I was respected at all times in the Grande Rio,” Thena responded.

About Jasmine’s costume, the daughter of the head of the samba school explained that it is the association that pays for the celebrity’s costume: “Grande Rio pays for everyone’s costume. Anyone who comes to you and says they paid for a costume in Grande Rio is a lie.”

Yasmine Brunet in the Grand Rio parade at the Carnival Sunday (19) – Photo: Alexandre Durau / g1

Businesswoman Ana Paula Mizrahi replaces Yasmine Brunet at the Grand Rio parade – Photo: Matheos Rodriguez/G1

Businesswoman Ana Paula Mizrahi replaces Yasmine Brunet in the Parade of Champions – Photo: Mathios Rodriguez/J1