Amazon alert the users against the problems touch iPhone X !

Amazon alerte les utilisateurs contre les problèmes tactiles de l’iPhone X !

The iPhone X would be some small concerns at the level of the touch screen. The giant Amazon has decided to warn users who did not know that !

The iPhone X has been out for some time now. And since a few days we know that the touch screen has problems. Amazon has decided to inform users that aren’t yet aware of this trouble. MCE tells you more.

Amazon warns users

In fact, the iPhone is experiencing some problems at the level of the touch screen. The firm of Cupertino seems that have to start a new replacement program. This will allow people who have problems with their smartphone, have it replaced by Apple. But everyone does not buy iPhone at Apple or in the shops of the operators. In fact, a lot goes through Amazon, the giant of online sales. So the buyers do not necessarily have got wind of the worries that could be the iPhone X.
It is for this reason that Amazon has decided to pass on the information to buyers who were not aware. The site advises, therefore, to move towards the time of Cupertino for any concerns about their touch screen in order to find a solution. This allows people who do not know nothing do not remain with a phone new which does not work well !

Problems with the touch screen

In fact, Amazon has send a mail to all those who had to purchase a iPhone X. The message informed, therefore, of the situation compared to the smartphones of Apple. Moreover, it comes to be overtaken again in terms of sales in the final quarter by its competitor, the latest Huawei. The online sales site says so: “The manufacturer, Apple, has informed us that the touch screen of the iPhone X may be subject to an operational problem due to the possible failure of a component module of the screen […] If you have purchased this item for someone else, we kindly ask you to communicate the above information “.


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