July 21, 2024

Amazon Prime is one of the most sought after cars in the EUA

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Gold closes high, cautiously following data from China and the US
Gold closes high, cautiously following data from China and the US

No balano finance divulgado nesta quinta-feira, 3, an Amazon anunciou who owns a preview of your service provider, Amazon Prime, nos Estados Unidos. O valor, which was US $ 13 for sub $ to US $ 15 no plano mensal, no plano annual, or pre $ pass US $ 120 for US $ 140.

Asinatura, which includes free app, streaming video, offers antiscipas and outsourced services, is also a miracle investor, which credits you with saving your live preview of your live video. By Michael Pachter, at Wedbush Securities, um dos pontos cruciais foi ao live comment entreas pandemia.

“Já estava na hora”, by Michael Pachter, at Wedbush Securities, antes do balanoo quinta quinta. “Os custos envio aumentaram, ponto.”

Alim disso, a pave salorios maiores on Amazon teve and banus to atroir trabalhadores em meo uma oferta resto de mo obra. Mark Mahaney, an analyst at Evercore ISI, would like to make sure that Prime’s justifiably combustes my car, transport rorovirio mais custo, alm da pripria infloo dos products.

“Os assignants – more than 200 millenniums ago, in the past, maioria das residncios dos Estados Unidos – Accelerate pagar mais porque desejam enter rapid”, disse o analysta. “Isso vale potencialie dollars for dollars for os results in Amazon. Eles t podm poder de precise pork asa valor é muito forte”, disse Mahaney.

For inquiries, this is the first preview of the app for Estados Unidos and you have come up with an app on Fatura Dos usurias on the 18th of November for novice assistants, and on the 25th you have to quit your service.

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