July 14, 2024

Amazon will lose the available American workforce by 2024

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Amazon pode esgotar a oferta de mão de obra disponível nos EUA até 2024
Amazon pode esgotar a oferta de mão de obra disponível nos EUA até 2024

Last FridayJune 17, by a Leaked document And analyzed by Re-encodingFrom the North American portal VoxAs indicated Amazon New employees cannot be hired USA until 2024. “If we continue to do business as usual, labor supply in the US network will be depleted by 2024,” the document said for the first time since its release.

The available workers in each warehouse are calculated and based on that Salary level And this Distance Between apartments and corporate premises, with other points. The problem is still pronounced Some regions According to the report, accessible employees will be exhausted by the end of last year.

Warehouse automation and pay rise fiancee Two tricks To temporarily control the problem. In the long run, however, profound changes in employee management will be necessary to firmly change the image for the health of employees and the organization. The situation illustrates some Challenges Executive The company operates in several countries simultaneously, moving away from the media spotlight and into a service model that is considered successful.

(Credits: Watsara Fomicinda / Media News Team / Press-Enterprise via Getty Images)

The business success of multinational corporations and its privileged position among Wall Street investors, Is more closely linked with the expanding workforce 1 Millions of people Responsible for packing and shipping products purchased by customers with speed and agility on a daily basis.

In parallel, Enables more convenient automation systems to deliver products purchased through the site. The Amazon Is hilarious Drone distribution for almost 10 years. Finally, everything points to the fact that they have reached a technological level that combines safety and practicality. In this link.

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Via: vox.com

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